Liberals like to claim there is no such thing as voter fraud.

Democrat partisans and their allies in the media have worked overtime to shrug off Donald Trump’s claims of a “rigged” election.

But a police raid in the key swing-state of Pennsylvania just proved Donald Trump right.

During multiple campaign stops in the Keystone State, Trump has warned of massive voter fraud that could steal the election for the Democrats.

The New York Times reports:

“At rallies since the summer in rural Pennsylvania, Mr. Trump has spoken of the potential for “shenanigans” in Philadelphia, urging supporters to “go around and watch other polling places.”

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 “I hear these horror shows, and we have to make sure that this election is not stolen from us and is not taken away from us,” he said last week to a nearly all-white crowd in northeast Pennsylvania. “And everybody knows what I’m talking about.”

The media has tried to dismiss these claims as baseless.

But a shocking police raid of a Democrat advocacy group provided proof for Trump’s claims.

Field Works LLC is a Democrat advocacy group that provided on the ground election support.

And they were raided by the Pennsylvania State police in pursuit of evidence of fraudulent voter registration.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

“In a warrant filed late last week in County Court, investigators said they were seeking documents, financial information, and lists of employees at the Norwood office of FieldWorks LLC, a national organization that often does street work for Democrats, records show.

The warrant did not specify the nature of the probe, but said agents also were looking for “templates . . . utilized to construct fraudulent voter registration forms” and “completed voter registration forms containing same or similar identifying information of individuals on multiple forms.”

A Delaware County judge on Friday afternoon signed the search warrant, but it was not known when it was executed. The warrant application was approved by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. Jeff Johnson, a spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office, declined to comment.”

This isn’t Field Works’ first brush with voter fraud.

In 2012, the group turned in dozens of fraudulent voter registration forms in Ohio.

And in that same election, an Ohio University student working for Field Works was arrested after forging over 20 signatures on a petition drive.

Contrary to liberal media hysteria, voter fraud does happen.

And Republicans are justified to be on the lookout for a rigged election.

Leaked emails revealed that the Democratic National Committee rigged the primary.

National party staff worked with the Clinton campaign to stack the deck against Bernie Sanders.

And current Democrat Party Chairwoman Donna Brazile provided the Clinton campaign with debate questions before the debate.

The Democrats have shown there is no level of cheating they won’t stoop in order to elect Hillary Clinton.

Do you believe that includes massive voter fraud?

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