Liberal protesters were at it once more, and this time, with illegal aliens by their side.

All across America, immigrants participated in what they claimed was a peaceful protest to show America what it would be like without immigrants.

But the only ones negatively affected by this protest were the protesters themselves.

Not only did the day-long protest pass with many even aware of the supposed “nationwide” event, but it also passed with little interruption in every day life, the exact opposite of what the protest was designed to prove.

However, as a result of the protest, many individuals did lose their jobs due to their absence from work without proper cause.

NBC News reported:

“More than 100 protesters across the country were fired from their jobs after skipping work to take part in last week’s “Day Without Immigrants” demonstration. Restaurants and day cares were among the businesses in states like Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma and New York where bosses fired workers after they didn’t show up for work in order to protest. In Nolensville, Tennessee, nearly 20 employees at Bradley Coatings, Incorporated — a commercial painting company — were laid off after participating in the nationwide strike on Thursday, NBC4 reported. The company’s attorney, Robert Peal, said in a statement obtained by the news station that all employees were told they risked termination if they skipped work on Thursday, but 18 did so anyway.”

Ultimately, the immigrant protesters were the ones impacted by the protests, and with little to show for it.

Many supported President Trump’s decision to pause travel between certain countries temporarily, but liberal groups (thanks to the contribution from fake news) blew the situation wildly out of proportion.

Fox News reports:

“Our economy is just too big and diverse for any group, no matter how well organized, to have much of an impact,” said Dr. Carl Horowitz, director of the Organized Labor Accountability Project at the conservative National Legal and Policy Center, after the 2006 strike.

Horowitz’ feelings have changed little over the past decade. If immigrant groups are unable to get support beyond their base, he says, the situation will remain static. That backing could be hard to find, Horowitz believes, as many feel that, because undocumented immigrants have broken the law to either get to the U.S. or stay in the country, they must deal with the consequences of those actions.

And now, there’s not much to prove this latest protest as worthwhile.

Even more to the point, in a society that wants to boycott everything from air pollution to transportation, exactly what would yet another liberal boycott or protest really accomplish anyways?

The fact of the matter is, there are simply too many agendas progressives are trying to back at the moment, be it due to political policies enacted by President Trump, or some other agenda the self-proclaimed “social justice warriors” feel they must represent.

Overall, the ‘Day Without Immigrants’ reportedly caused little damage to revenues of the companies affected by their lack of employees.

The companies which were affected were primarily restaurants and freelance companies such as Über.

Fox News reported:

Most boycotts and strikes don’t hurt companies’ revenues very much, consumer boycott experts say. The negative publicity generated by these campaigns hurts, but it’s relatively fleeting. It’s easy for consumers to get distracted, too, with so many campaigns happening at once, and social media quickly changing the conversation.

“We’re just overrun with boycotts at the moment,” Brayden King, a Northwestern University professor who researches the effects of social movements on corporate behavior recently told Fast Company. “We may be starting to see boycott fatigue.”

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