One of President Trump’s many campaign promises was to “drain the swamp” of corrupt Washington, D.C. bureaucrats.

And one of the most corrupt agencies in the federal government is the Internal Revenue Service, with Commissioner John Koskinen at the lead.

Donald Trump might be on the verge of  major announcement about his future.

Koskinen was appointed to bring reform and transparency to the IRS, but under his leadership he has brought nothing but more scandal and distrust of the troubled agency.

From targeting conservative groups, to mishandling of taxpayer data, to charges of obstruction against Congress in their quest to uncover corruption in the agency, Koskinen has only buried the agency further in scandal.

Americans for Tax Reform stated in 2016 that:

“Since then, Koskinen has failed to reform the IRS, with the agency becoming increasingly politicized. Under Koskinen, the agency destroyed several sources of Lois Lerner’s emails, while he gave numerous false statements to Congress under oath. Koskinen even failed to attend hearings into his malfeasance.

In his time leading the IRS, the agency has consistently failed to responsibly allocate resources and has failed to safeguard taxpayer data. The IRS may even still be unfairly selecting Americans for an audit “based on an organization’s religious, educational, political, or other views,” according to investigations conducted by the Government Accountability Office (GAO)”

Koskinen’s leadership of the IRS has even brought calls for his termination, including facing Congressional hearings for his impeachment late last year.

In 2016, the motion to impeach Koskinen was beaten on the House floor — but Republican leadership wants him gone and have brought their views to Vice President Mike Pence in the hopes he can encourage President Trump to fire the corrupt Commissioner.

Newsmax reported:

In December, the motion to impeach Koskinen was beaten by a vote of 342-to-72 on the full House floor. Several House GOP leaders, including Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, said they opposed impeachment of the IRS boss.

“They were opposed to impeachment on the grounds his due process might be violated,” explained Collins, one of the first House Republicans to endorse Trump for President.

“But they want him out of office as much as anyone. Firing him or demanding his resignation just might be the best way now to get him out.

During the House Republican retreat in Philadelphia last month, Newsmax learned several Republican lawmakers urged Pence to tell the president Koskinen must resign or be fired.

“[Pence] said ‘I can hear you,'” said Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., who said the vice president “promised us” he would share with President Trump the strong belief of Republicans in Congress that “Koskinen must go.

Republican leadership is encouraged that President Trump is already working to rid the federal government of corruption by bringing transparency and reform to Washington, D.C.

Trump has already rid the country of several corrupt officials who think doing “business as usual” within our government can continue unchallenged.

And Vice President Pence has made it known he is listening to his fellow leaders and will bring their wishes to the President for the good of the American people.

From The Hill: 

Republican Study Committee Chairman Mark Walker (R-N.C.) is circulating a letter to his colleagues urging President Trump to fire IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.

“Such an action would restore the credibility of our Federal tax authority and the faith the American people have in their Constitutional rights to free speech and association,” the letter states.

“Congressional investigations, hearings, and actions have shown that Commissioner Koskinen mislead Congress, obstructed investigations into the IRS, and failed to comply with Congressional subpoenas,” the letter states. “Commissioner Koskinen’s willful deception and obstructionism has only further eroded any remaining confidence.”

Disgruntled Republican leadership who are fed up with the status quo have found an ally in Vice President Pence in their ongoing quest to fire the IRS Commissioner.

With President Trump’s move to rid D.C. of corruption, John Koskinen should probably get his bags packed.