President Trump recently fired FBI Director James Comey, and liberals are now claiming Trump has something to hide.

Not only did President Trump act on recommendations of both his Attorney and Deputy Attorney General, but he also claimed he wanted to fire Comey a long time ago.

In all reality, Comey was not a competent fit as a key member of Trump’s political world, and his termination had nothing to do with a cover-up on President Trump’s part.

The leftist media is quick to point out Comey’s involvement in the Russian probe investigation, leading people to believe President Trump wanted that investigation over.

But Trump did not believe Comey was a reputable member of the FBI and did not feel he was fit to lead that part of the government.

The Daily Caller reported:

Trump — who said he was a “showboat” and “grandstander” — also denied that Comey’s firing had anything to do with the fact that the FBI is investigating the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, including if there were any ties between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government.

“I just want somebody that’s competent,” Trump said. “I am a big fan of the FBI, I love the FBI. I want to find out if there was a problem in the election having to do with Russia.”

And while the liberal media has been pushing for an investigation into Russian involvement in President Trump’s campaign, no evidence was found by ex-FBI Director Comey before his termination.

Trump addressed the issue during an interview with Lester Holt of NBC News. He assured the American people he would lead an honest investigation into those claims, and be frank with his findings.

The Daily Caller reported:

“As far as I’m concerned, I want that thing to be absolutely done properly,” he added. “Maybe I’ll expand that, you know, lengthen the time because it should be over with, in my opinion, should have been over with a long time ago. ‘Cause all it is an excuse, but I said to myself, I might even lengthen out the investigation, but I have to do the right thing for the American people.”

Trump said there was “no collusion between me and my campaign and the Russians.”

“Also, the Russians did not affect the vote.”

Comey was fired simply because he was ill-fit for the job of FBI Director.

Besides butchering the Hillary Clinton investigation and letting her walk without being indicted, Comey also opposed working in a Trump administration, which could prove to be the most hazardous part of all.

In order for the government to move in the direction President Trump wants it to, Comey simply had to go.

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