The media has been pushing a story that a January raid in Yemen authorized by Donald Trump was a failure.

Navy SEAL William “Ryan” Owens lost his life on the mission, but Trump stated the raid yielded significant intelligence.

A new report by CNN forced the media to make a shocking admission about the raid.

CNN reported significant intelligence was gathered by the SEALS.

It’s allowing the United States military to track down hundreds of contacts or associates of Al- Qaeda.

CNN reported:

“Several US officials told CNN Thursday that the US is now taking action to locate and monitor hundreds of people or “contacts” found as part the intelligence retrieved during the deadly raid last month in Yemen targeting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

Some of these people are believed to be in the West but not in the Unites States.

The government is taking action to find and monitor these AQAP-linked individuals because of the threat to Europe they may pose, the officials added.

The fact that officials are actively pursuing leads uncovered from the raid indicates that the intelligence was indeed actionable despite some media reports to the contrary.

The terabyte’s worth of intelligence gathered from computers and cell phones is now being reviewed at the National Media Exploitation Center outside Washington, which analyzes documents, electronic media, cell phones, video and audiotapes seized on overseas missions.

Defense officials have told CNN that information pertaining to the location of safe havens, explosives manufacturing, training, and targets were acquired in the January ground operation.”

Trump acknowledged Owens’ widow during his address to Congress and said his sacrifice would be etched for all eternity.

Trump also told Carryn Owens her husband was part of a successful mission that yielded significant intelligence.

Democrats and the so-called “mainstream” media began attacking the raid as a means to hurt Trump.

NBC News reported ten sources – likely Obama loyalists embedded within the government – told them no significant intelligence was obtained from the raid:

“No one questions Owens’ heroism and sacrifice. Ten current U.S. officials across the government who have been briefed on the details of the raid told NBC News that so far, no truly significant intelligence has emerged from the haul.

A U.S. intelligence official told NBC News that the Trump administration continues to call the mission a success because “they have become locked into a narrative that no evidence and no one in the Intelligence Community can corroborate.” The official said that Sen. John McCain publicly disputed the success of the raid because the Defense Department has briefed many in Congress on what actually occurred during the raid.”

But NBC printed fake news that was likely handed to them by Obama supporters.

Since the media has completely thrown in with the Democrats in trying to bring down Trump, they did not question the information they were given.

And as the latest report shows, Trump was correct and the Obama bureaucrats were running an operation that wasn’t designed to deliver the truth, but rather to take down the President.