CNN thought they had a bombshell.

Anderson Cooper went on the air and broke the news the FBI may have evidence the Trump team colluded with Russia.

But within minutes, their scoop was exposed as a fraud and the network ended up humiliated.

Critics say CNN is no longer the most trusted name in news.

It’s now a home for 24-hours-a-day and 7-days-a-week Trump-hating conspiracy theories and unhinged Trump hating rants.

Cooper’s big “scoop” fit that mold.

CNN’s hyperventilating presentation masked a shaky story that really contained no news.

Their report was filled with caveats and weasel words that watered down the meaning of the “explosive” news.

Critics found it odd this story broke just hours after House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes rocked Washington with his revelation that he had seen reports which led him to believe Trump transition officials were swept up in surveillance and their identities were unmasked so they could be leaked.

Rather than focus on these explosive allegations, an Obama sympathizer in law enforcement “leaked” the news to CNN about the FBI possibly having evidence of collusion.

But no such evidence or accusation was made in their story.

CNN simply repackaged the news that FBI Director Comey confirmed there was an investigation into whether collusion existed.

This report didn’t advance the story at all.

It just rehashed Democratic talking points.

And the purpose was clear: knock Nunes’ bombshell out of the headlines.

But CNN failed, as their story quickly evaporated under scrutiny as everyone realized there was nothing newsworthy in the report.