CNN continues to be the home for unhinged, anti-Trump coverage.

The latest offender was Jake Tapper, host of The Lead.

When describing President-elect Trump’s candidates for the position of Secretary of State, Tapper launched into a racially-charged attack that left many speechless.

Tapper was interviewing Utah Congresswoman Mia Love and started in on one of the left’s favorite talking points – racial diversity.

During the course of the discussion, he described three possible candidates for the position of Secretary of State as white men over the age of 60.

Mediaite reports:

While speaking with Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) this afternoon, CNN host Jake Tapper commented on one similarity all of President-elect Donald Trump’s candidates for Secretary of State share.

Discussing how Trump’s Cabinet is shaping up, Tapper wanted to know how Love felt about the incoming POTUS’s choices so far. The conservative Utah lawmaker, who was a critic of Trump’s during the campaign, explained she was pleasantly surprised. “Ben Carson was a great choice,” she said, remarking on Trump choosing the retired neurosurgeon to head up HUD.

The CNN host noted that out of the so-called Big Three of Cabinet positions — Treasury, Defense and State — Trump has filled two of the spots but is still deciding on SoS.

After Love said that we know who he is considering, Tapper began running down the list.

“Many people, including Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Exxon Mobil chairman Rex Tillerson among many, many others,” Tapper stated. “Look at them, it’s just — it’s just a big group of white men over 60.”

Liberals often harp on race as the only type of diversity.

While people of different races bring in different perspectives, there are other types of diversity.

Life experiences and class are also forms of diversity.

But leftists often can’t see past the color of a person’s skin.

What should also matter are the qualifications and beliefs of a candidate for Secretary of State.

Many conservatives are concerned Romney – who hurled searing personal attacks at Trump during the campaign and also represents the hawkish establishment wing of the GOP – is a poor fit to be our nation’s chief diplomat.

And while Rudy Giuliani was a loyal supporter of Trump during the campaign, he is anti-gun and has yet to say the Iraq War was a mistake – which Donald Trump centered his foreign policy around.

Giuliani’s anti-gun stances trouble conservatives because the Obama administration signed on to the U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which could be a global gun control scheme and gut our Second Amendment.

Many conservatives would much prefer California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

Rohrabacher has solid conservative credentials – and most importantly – supports and believes in President-elect Trump’s “America First” foreign policy.

The President-elect tossed aside George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s military adventurism that led to toppling the regimes in Iraq and Libya that only created openings for terrorist groups to grow.

While Trump supporters are focusing on qualifications and ideology, liberals continue to harp on racial diversity.