CNN has morphed into a hotbed of left-wing lunacy and anti-Trump hatred.

Those two ugly strains converged into one story.

And it left one of their lead anchors in hot water.

The Trump administration recently rescinded Obama’s directives forcing local schools to allow boys in the girls’ bathroom.

Trump and his Attorney General Jeff Sessions believe the federal government has no business imposing standards on local schools, so they undid one of Obama’s abuses of power.

The left-wing media lost their minds.

One of the biggest examples was CNN New Day co-host, Chris Cuomo.

Cuomo responded to a Twitter follower who questioned what he was supposed to tell a 12-year-old girl about why she was being forced to view male genitalia in the locker room.

His answer was to call the girl and her parents bigots.

His tweet provided a window into the left-wing hatred of traditional American values.

It’s fashionable in Democratic circles to deny the concept of gender.

They believe it’s fluid and can change on an individual’s whim.

Conservatives – who believe in science and biology – are horrified by this thought.

Leftists want to allow grown men in the locker rooms and bathrooms with young girls.

This is a dangerous situation that should be prevented at all costs.

But Cuomo believes this is bigotry.

Writing on his website The Resurgent, Erick Erickson stated:

“Chris Cuomo’s bigoted reaction, which he parades on a weekly basis with deep hostility to Americans who hold mainstream, orthodox Christian beliefs, and conservative values, sums up exactly why what the Obama Administration did was wrong and why Donald Trump’s roll back of the transgender bathroom order was the right thing to do.

Cuomo believes that a twelve-year-old girl would not object to a naked boy in her locker room, but for her parents. His presupposition is that his values are superior to the values of more than half of America — the majority of whom would object to a boy in a girl’s bathroom.

Likewise, he presumes that a 12-year-old girl, but for her bigoted parents, would never conclude that it is wrong to have a boy in the girl’s bathroom because Chris Cuomo does not think it is wrong.”

The cultural condescension by coastal media elites played a major role in Trump’s victory.

Voters in Middle America revolted against what they saw as a left-wing press demonizing their Christian beliefs, labeling them bigots and rendering them strangers in their own country.

Cuomo’s defense of exposing 12-year-old girls to male genitalia may play well in Manhattan newsrooms, but it repulsed large swaths of Americans.