Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the Presidential election continues to have dire consequences for the family.

Big money supporters who were betting on access to the Clintons are now pulling the plug.

And this move is proving true all the allegations people have made about the Clintons over the years.

The latest example that the Clintons’ empire is crumbling down around them is the news of Chelsea Clinton’s husband – Marc Mezvinsky – shutting down his hedge fund.

Mezvinsky ended the enterprise and is returning money to investors.

Were investors hoping to leverage their investments for political gain should Hillary have won the election?

It may have been the case.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

“The hedge fund, however, brought in a large number of investors hoping to cash-in on the firm’s political connections.

Among the donors to the firm is Goldman Sachs chairman and Clinton fundraiser Lloyd Blankfein.

Also a donor is Marc Lasry, a high-dollar Democratic donor with ties to an alleged Russian mobster. His son, a former White House employee, once uneasily joked that his father might kill him in his sleep.”

The Free Beacon also reports Mezvinsky would recommend risky investments, such as betting tens of millions of dollars on the Greek economy:

“The Washington Free Beacon warned readers in 2015 not to give money to Mezvinsky’s Eaglevale, citing reports that he was not very good at his job. One of the fund’s most embarrassing moments, which certainly contributed to the decision to close the fund, came because of a bet Mezvinsky took on the Greek economy that ended up costing investors nearly $25 million.”

With big money investors getting behind such a risky hedge fund, it signals they may have also been expecting some sort of political payback when Hillary Clinton won the election.

And shutting down the hedge fund has raised eyebrows because the Clintons also shut down their Clinton Global Initiative after losing the election.

The CGI was supposed to serve as a networking center for donors and policy makers to meet and discuss solutions to problems plaguing underdeveloped countries.

But many believed it was one of the centerpieces of the Clintons’ pay-to-play schemes.

Critics felt vindicated when, after the election, foreign governments began pulling their donations 

CGI laid off 22 employees and then shut the doors to its office.

Since the Clintons’ political career is finished, there’s no more access to purchase.

And without donors willing to cut checks in exchange for political payoff, these flashy Clinton ventures – which were announced to much fanfare – have to close their doors for good.