Many claim that Hillary Clinton’s loss of the presidential election to Donald Trump means she will disappear from the media and public eye.

However, her mountain of scandal will not disappear, even if she does.

The investigations into the Clinton Foundation will not cease, and the Freedom of Information Act requests filed for information into her bribery and manipulation schemes will not end.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Conservative nonprofit government watchdogs aren’t withdrawing their lawsuits just because Clinton lost the election. Many of these litigations seek the release of more of Clinton’s emails from her tenure as America’s chief diplomat.”

It is imperative for the lawsuits to remain open, as there is still much evidence to retrieve in terms of the numerous pay-to-play schemes the Clintons have had their hands in, as well as the potential bribes from international agencies the Clinton Foundation received.

Many other news organizations are continuing investigations of their own.

Judicial Watch is one such organization that continually files for information under the Freedom of Information Act.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Judicial Watch, for example, will discuss the 650,000 emails found on a laptop shared by long-time Clinton aide Huma Abedin and her estranged husband Anthony Weiner Nov. 29 before a federal court. The group’s 20 email-related FOIA lawsuits succeeded in making public thousands of emails to and from and among Clinton and her closest aides.”

Similarly, Citizens United has five lawsuits pending against the Department of State due to emails received and sent from senior officials under Secretary Clinton.

The group has published hundreds of emails gained under the Freedom of Information Act, as well.

The Cause of Action Institute also has a pending lawsuit and evidence mounting against the fact that Clinton’s government records were unlawfully removed.

The Institute is pressing Secretary John Kerry to notify the National Archives of this fact.

The case could ultimately force Clinton and her correspondents to return the documents.

Even the FBI investigation against the Clinton Foundation is continuing following her defeat.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Emails released from the FOIA and related lawsuits, FBI investigations and WikiLeaks hacks have already revealed crucial details, including how Clinton pulled strings to secure the Democratic nomination for president, arranged more than $28 million in contributions to the Clinton Foundation by Morocco’s king in return for policy decisions that benefited the North African nation, and much else.”

Hillary Clinton had her hands in many operations, and with the election over, it seems many more scandals are coming to light.

Clinton was so sure of her success in winning the presidency, she was even putting certain acts into effect before she knew the outcome of the election.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Clinton also appears to have engaged in a joint operation with the Environmental Protection Agency to shut down an American phosphate company as part of the effort that resulted in the $28 million contributions to the Clinton Foundation.”

Though some in the national government are under Clinton’s influence,  private organizations and news groups such as the aforementioned are vital players in bringing down the corrupt Clinton “crime family.”

Ultimately, Clinton’s misdeeds will not be buried as a result of her loss.

Now, more than ever, is the time to take action against the morally degenerate Clinton family.

What are your thoughts? Should these scandals still be brought to light now that the election is over?

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