Chelsea Clinton is already a rich businesswoman — but all thanks to her exploiting the businesses her parents established.

Clinton works for the Clinton Foundation, as well as dabbling in a few businesses of her own, but nothing all that meaningful.

Now, she is receiving a “Lifetime Impact Award,” but the reasons given for her award are vague at best.

Variety Magazine and Lifetime Network organized a “Power of Women” luncheon, in which women of all backgrounds are set to receive an award detailing their impact on other people’s lives.

The Daily Caller reported:

Chelsea Clinton is set to receive a Lifetime Impact award from Variety magazine and Lifetime next month, though it is unclear why. The former first daughter will be honored at a “Power of Women” luncheon on April 21, Variety announced. Jessica Chastain, Gayle King, Blake Lively, Audra McDonald and Shari Redstone will also receive the awards.

But the reasons for Chelsea Clinton’s award are virtually nonexistent, other than her “contributions” to the Clinton Foundation.

In other words, Clinton is receiving an award based off of her contributions to an organization that actually harms more people than helps anyone.

The Daily Caller reported:

Clinton, a 37-year-old mother of two, is receiving the award “for her work with Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which empowers kids to develop lifelong healthy habits,” Variety says in a statement.The Alliance for a Healthier Generation, which helps fight childhood obesity, is affiliated with the Clinton Foundation, where Clinton serves as vice chair.

Clinton’s so-called “achievements” are nothing more than her hedging funds from an organization that was built by criminals, and only helps those who get paid.

The Clinton Foundation has been investigated extensively not only for embezzlement issues but for political bribery and other criminal activity.

Such a connection with the company is not one that should be applauded, let alone awarded.

Chelsea Clinton really only takes care of her own interests and her “Lifetime Impact” is one of greed and selfishness.

The Daily Caller reported:

Clinton’s other achievements include being born to one of the most skilled politicians in American history, growing up in the White House, landing a $600,000 contract with MSNBC, marrying a hedge fund millionaire, and tweeting constantly about President Trump.

Ultimately, Chelsea Clinton is receiving the award as another liberal political statement, because she clearly had no interest in helping anyone but herself.

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