The liberal media outlet BuzzFeed just made a huge mistake they are trying to cover up.

They are currently trying to ghost-write over an anti-Trump story they published that turned on them.

Originally, the media outlet jumped at the chance to write an article that was against Trump’s recent executive actions, but the article ended up causing more trouble than it was worth.

BuzzFeed recently wrote an article in which their source lied and made up a story about Trump inadvertently causing the death of the source’s mother.

Their source claimed that his mother died in Iraq due to Trump’s recent hold on immigration.

The Daily Caller reported:

“Iraqi-American Mike Adams told a local news outlet that his Iraqi mother living in America had flown to Iraq to visit relatives when she fell ill but was unable to return to the US despite holding a green card because of President Trump’s executive order temporarily suspending immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations.”

The typically conservative news network Fox News was the first to confirm the story as a hoax and denounced liberal media sites like BuzzFeed that spread the story as if it were true.

The Daily Caller reported:

“A local Fox network confirmed with Adams’ Muslim imam that his story was a lie — Adams’ mother had died before Trump’s executive order. The original story, however, quickly went viral and was spread far and wide by liberal journalists like those at BuzzFeed.”

Rather than issue a redacted statement and admit their mistake, BuzzFeed decided to rewrite the story and changed the whole thing without admitting they had published fake news.

The Daily Caller reported:

“The original version of BuzzFeed’s story, which can still be found in cached form online, declined to challenge Adams’ account or express any skepticism, despite the recent rise of anti-Trump hoaxes. After Adams’ account was contradicted by his imam, BuzzFeed changed the entire story from within, not once admitting that they had passed along false information to their readers.”

BuzzFeed even drastically changed the title of their story, assuming no one would notice, from

This Man Says His Mom Died After Being Denied Entry Into The US Over Trump’s Travel Ban” to “This Man Who Claimed His Mom Died After Being Denied Entry Into The US Over Trump’s Travel Ban Lied, Imam Says.”

The original author of the story made no comment about the change in news.

Only after multiple requests by the Daily Caller did BuzzFeed add an editor’s note.

Liberal media outlets such as BuzzFeed have waged a war on the newly-empowered conservative America.

Their habit of reporting fake news is a recurring problem, one which needs to be stopped before the hoaxes are taken too far.

The Trump administration has already made a stand against CNN, another liberal media organization who is a proponent of posting fake news.

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