U.S. Border Patrol agents are on the front line enforcing the rule of law to keep illegals out and America safe.

Even though Obama’s crippling immigration policies have made it almost impossible to provide proper border security due to lack of staffing, U.S. Border Patrol agents are working tirelessly to stop illegals from crossing the border.

But illegals keep coming, and at record levels.

Even more frightening, they are turning violent.

Attacks on border patrol agents are on the rise, as desperate illegals resort to any tactic necessary to make it across the border.

Their newest tactic is to assault border patrol agents if they try and stop them from entering America.

MRCTV reports assaults against border patrol agents are up over 23 percent from last year, and FY2016 has been deemed the most dangerous year for border agents since 2012.

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol website reported an incident where a border agent observed an illegal attempting to enter the United States.

But when he acted to stop him, he was assaulted by the illegal with a block of concrete.

The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol press release states:

“A U.S. Border Patrol agent assigned to the Calexico Station was assaulted yesterday as he responded to an immigration violation in downtown Calexico.

At approximately 10:42 p.m., Remote Video Surveillance System operators observed a man illegally enter the United States and cross First Street near the border fence. A Border Patrol agent responded to the area.

While in the process of apprehending the man, the agent was struck on the shoulder by a block of concrete, approximately four inches in diameter, that was thrown over the border fence by an unknown assailant in Mexico.”

From day one, Donald Trump has made it known to voters he plans to build a wall, and make Mexico pay for it.

His campaign rallies have been full of cheering supporters, encouraging Trump to continue his hard-line stance to crack down on illegal aliens entering America.

And as it turns out, Trump’s comments aren’t “scare tactics and hype”, like many liberals claim.

The assaults on border patrol agents are real.

And as criminals entering America is becoming the new norm, something must be done to stop the illegal immigration crisis.

The stories of illegals attacking border agents continue to increase.

Another U.S. Customs and Border Patrol press release states:

At approximately 8:40 p.m., a Border Patrol agent parked on First Street next to the International Boundary fence, observed a man illegally enter the United States by climbing over the fence.

When the agent attempted to arrest the man, the man resisted and struck the agent’s left orbital eye socket with his elbow.

The man ran away from the agent to avoid being arrested. The agent soon caught the man and a scuffle ensued. The agent quickly subdued the man and placed him under arrest.

“Our agent thankfully only suffered minor injuries from this assault and was able to gain control of his attacker and make the arrest,” said David S. Kim, Assistant Chief Patrol Agent. “We will not tolerate assaults on our agents by criminals, and will vigorously pursue Assault on a Federal Officer prosecution against anyone who perpetrates such violence.”

The agent suffered a contusion to his left eye, a laceration to his left elbow, and possible injury to his left shoulder.”

With illegals turning violent as they enter, America’s next President must take the immigration crisis seriously before it reaches the point of no return.

If illegals continue to attack border patrol agents and make it through the border, more criminals will be disappearing into American neighborhoods, undetected.

Do you think the U.S. Border Patrol needs to hire more workers to stop illegals from entering America?

Do you agree with Trump’s plan to build a wall, and make Mexico pay for it?

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