Liberal plan to videotape police shatters myths about racism and oppression

Rioting liberals forced Baltimore police to begin wearing body cameras, claiming it would prove officers are deliberately hunting down and shooting unarmed black men.

So when Baltimore Police shot and killed Curtis Deal last week, Black Lives Matters activists were reaching for their lead pipes and firebombs, waiting for the release of the camera footage to launch their riots.

But the rabid liberal mob sure didn’t like what they saw on the tape.
Deal would normally be the poster child for BLM riots.  Like Ferguson, Missouri’s attempted cop killer Michael Brown, Deal was only 18-years-old and a student in school.

Like Brown, Deal attempted to shoot and kill a police officer.

But unlike Brown, whose justified death resulted in nationwide rioting, Deal will be buried and forgotten by violent protestors, all thanks to body camera footage.

The incident began when police attempted to pull over a car seen driving erratically.  That’s when Deal jumped from the moving vehicle and ran from officers until he was able to secure his gun.

He turned and leveled his weapon at police. But the police detective at the end of Deal’s weapon fired first.

“We could very well be planning a police funeral right now, and thank God that we’re not,” said Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis.

“Davis called Deal a ‘menace to society’ on Thursday. He said Deal was a ‘person of interest’ in a December 2016 homicide, and noted Deal had been arrested three times in the last month on gun or drug charges,” The Baltimore Sun reports.

Police ended Deal’s criminal career for good just 24 hours after a Baltimore judge freed him from jail on bond, despite prosecutors’ demands he be held for his third arrest, which was on gun and drug charges.

“Davis questioned why Deal had been released on a $250,000 unsecured bond the day before the shooting, after his third arrest in a month. He took aim squarely at the judge who had granted Deal’s release,” the Sun reports.

“Why wouldn’t you hold him on no bail and protect the community?” said Davis.

Thanks to the body cameras, the public can see a side of Deal and other violent criminals kept hidden by liberal activists.

But also thanks to body cameras, the number of abuse cases filed against police has drastically reduced as well, although not because they would capture police misconduct, but because with interactions now documented, activists can no longer flood departments with bogus complaints or get away with provoking officers to attack.

Within one year of introducing body cameras, Rialto, Cali. has seen the use of force by officers decline by 60 percent and citizen complaints against police fall by 88 percent.

In both Michael Brown’s attack on a Ferguson police officer, and Trayvon Martin’s attack on neighborhood watch member George Zimmerman, all evidence showed Brown and Martin had initiated the attacks.

Body cameras would have provided an irrefutable proof of all evidence shown against them.

Curtis Deal’s documented end to his criminal career could also spell the beginning of the end of the Black Lives Matter movement – a liberal agitation scheme built on a lie.