If you are a white business owner, you don’t matter to Black Lives Matter activists.

In fact, the Black Lives Matter crew is officially launching a campaign instructing people not to shop at white businesses, and to “buy black” only.

Breitbart reports:

“The initiative, complete with a link to a map of black-owned businesses, was posted to the Instagram account blklivesmatter with an accusation that the “Black community is under attack.”

“[I]t is more important than ever to buy local and buy Black,” the message continued.”

On the official “Black Lives Matter” Instagram account, a graphic with the phrase “I want to see more diversity in consumer goods and services. I like inventiveness and unique items.” was posted with the following photo caption:

“In partnership with J. Walter Thompson New York, we’re launching Backing Black Businesses – a long-term initiative to support the growth and performance of small Black businesses nationwide. In a time when the Black community is under attack, it is more important than ever to buy local and buy Black. Small businesses provide jobs and economic security. Join us today.”

However, while Black Lives Matter activists claim the black business community is “under attack”, it is often Black Lives Matter protesters who loot and destroy black businesses during their violent protests.

In fact, as American Patriot Daily  previously reported, Black Lives Matter protests demonstrate a history of violence and often end up with injured parties and destroyed property.

During an earlier protest this year, a crowd yelling “Black Lives Matter” ended with 16 injured law enforcement officers – including one officer being assaulted with a rock to his face.

And according to The Washington Post, Black Lives Matter protesters opened up tractor trailers and set packages and boxes on fire in the middle of the highway, chanting “Black Lives Matter” and “Hands up don’t shoot!”

The burning scene shut down traffic, and police were forced to use flash grenades, rubber bullets, and tear gas to break up the chaos.

But instead of taking responsibility for the destruction, Black Lives Matter activists turn their frustration and rage towards white business owners, under the false guise of “economic security” in “uncertain times”.

Breitbart reports:

“Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors pointed to “these uncertain times” and called for a need for black-owned businesses “more than ever,” according to HuffPo. She picked out specifically black-owned businesses as “a staple in the Black community” for “providing jobs, economic security and a somewhere for us to go and feel seen and safe.”

At an October 2015 conference, Cullors defined the Black Lives Matter movement as a consciously crafted effort. “It’s important people know that Black Lives Matter wasn’t just this hashtag that circulated around the internet, but we actually built an organization, a platform and a project out of the hashtag so here we are a couple of years later and the hashtag movement has gone global.”

But while Cullors attempts to draw a narrative that all Black Lives Matter protesters want is to feel “safe”, the actions of the Black Lives Matter protesters tell a different story.

In fact, as American Patriot Daily previously reported, Black Lives Matter protesters will stop at nothing to promote their message of hate, even going so far as to tear down a memorial dedicated to slain 911 heroes calling them “perpetrators of state violence”.

The violent protests and hateful comments do nothing to advance the Black Lives Matter “movement”, but instead send the message to America that violence and racial division such as encouraging people to “buy black” are the chosen tools of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Do you agree with the Black Lives Matter protesters “buy black” marketing campaign?

What do you think is the real goal of the Black Lives Matter movement?

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