Democrats have blamed everything from “fake” news to Russian hackers for Hillary Clinton’s defeat at the hands of Donald Trump.

Then Barack Obama entered the fray and discovered a new scapegoat.

And it was one no one could believe.

At his year end press conference, Obama was asked about the emails WikiLeaks published that were supposedly obtained from Russian hackers.

Obama blamed the media for the damage they did to Hillary’s campaign by covering the leaked emails.

Obama was also asked if Hillary had lost because of the hacking.

He responded saying that the coverage she received wasn’t fair.

According to the transcript at the press conference:

“QUESTION: Did Clinton lose because of the hacking?

OBAMA: I’m gonna let all the political pundits in this town have a long discussion about what happened in the election. It was a fascinating election. So, you know, I’m sure there are gonna be a lot of books written about it. I’ve said what I think is important for the Democratic Party going forward, rather than try to parse every aspect of the election.

And I — I’ve said before, I couldn’t be prouder of Secretary Clinton, her outstanding service and she’s worked tirelessly on behalf of the American people and I don’t think she was treated fairly during the election. I think the coverage of her and the issues was troubling, but having said that, what I’ve been most focused on — appropriate for the fact I am not going to be a politician in about — what is it, 32 days, 31, 34?”

For Obama to blame the media and their coverage of Hillary as unfair shocked many observers.

Countless Americans were outraged over the conduct of the media in this election.

But it was the media’s overwhelming bias and hatred toward Donald Trump that led many to believe their coverage was slanted.

A study by the Shorenstein Center at Harvard University found that 91% of the coverage Trump received in the 12 weeks leading up to the election was negative.

For example, CNN applied real time “fact-checking” graphics to the screen when Trump would speak.

And many in the press took to calling Trump a liar or declaring his claims as “false”.

But this type of “journalism” was only applied in one direction and to one candidate.

Obama already admitted the Russians couldn’t have hacked any vote totals.

In fact, a Fox News poll found 59% of Americans believe the hacking played no role in the outcome of the election.

The only outside factor which attempted to rig the election was the so-called “mainstream” media who put their thumb on the scale for Hillary Clinton.

For Obama to claim the coverage of Hillary was “unfair” is simply laughable to many Americans.