The murderous Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, who imprisoned his political opponents, slaughtered innocents, and presided over a communist society that starved its people, has died at the age of 90.

Liberals across the globe shamefully mourned his death in a disgraceful display of revisionist history.

And Barack Obama led the pack of grieving leftists with a disgusting and embarrassing statement.

Obama refused to mention the torture pens, execution squads, secret police, or any of the human rights abuses of the communist Castro regime.

Instead, he praised himself for lifting the embargo the United States had placed on Cuba, and said Castro “altered lives.”

It was a stunning reveal by Obama and other leftists of their true nature.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau effusively praised Castro, calling the communist thug a “larger than life leader.”

Liberal news outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post printed headlines that ignored Castro’s crimes, and instead focused on how he inspired left-wing revolutionaries across the globe and challenged the United States.

But President-elect Donald Trump summed up the feelings of many Cubans, as well as Americans, who properly view Castro as a tyrant who imposed an immoral and evil government upon his people.