The Obama’s have been the subject of much speculation since they left the White House.

Some believe they will act as political foils to the Trump administration.

But there is another role they hope to fill.

Word has leaked out that the Obama’s are looking to cash in as high-priced paid speakers.

They would be following in the footsteps of Bill and Hillary Clinton as former Presidents and First Ladies who cashed in on their fame.

Politico reported:

“The Harry Walker Agency will coordinate speaking engagements for former President and first lady, Barack and Michelle Obama, who will be represented by two attorneys for contract negotiations regarding potential book deals, a spokesman said Friday.

“President Barack Obama and Mrs. Obama have selected the Harry Walker Agency (HWA) to coordinate their respective speaking engagements,” Obama spokesman Kevin Lewis said in a statement. “In addition, Attorneys Robert Barnett and Deneen Howell will manage contract negotiations with potential publishers for the former president and Mrs. Obama’s respective books.”

The former president and first lady join former White House press secretary Josh Earnest and former President Bill Clinton in relying on the Harry Walker speakers bureau. POLITICO Playbook reported in November that Earnest had signed on with the agency for post-administration speaking gigs.

It’s unclear when the Obamas will begin the speaking circuit or when any of their potential books will be published. Both have been largely silent since leaving the White House three weeks ago.”

If the Clintons are any measure, the Obama’s should rake in hundreds of millions of dollars while providing no real service.

Forbes reported:

“Some observers believe it was Hillary doing the offering, and that she is not truthful about her Wall Street speaking fees. Material on her website suggests $225,000 as her minimum, with $225,000 for 34 of 41 speeches. Mrs. Clinton’s fees for the remaining speeches were at even higher prices. In total, she received $9,680,000 for these speaking engagements in 2013.

Even so, it is a drop in the Clinton bucket. In all, there were $153 million in Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking fees. Mrs. Clinton was paid dearly by Wall Street, suggesting a conflict of interest despite her recent distancing. No matter how much Mrs. Clinton hopes to lure Bernie Sanders voters, it must be hard at a $225,000 a pop. And although few observers may be worried about the tax issues, they are nettlesome too.”

The Obama’s are sure to gather a fortune on the speaking circuit, and they are also sure to remain deeply involved in Democratic politics.

Reports are surfacing that Obama is building a “shadow” White House in D.C. to assist in the left’s effort to undermine Trump’s administration, as previously reported by American Patriot Daily.

And Obama has already inserted himself into the political dialogue by criticizing Trump’s executive order to temporarily pause travel from seven terrorist hot spots.

The Obama’s appear to be engaging in a two front post-Presidency plan of attack.

One is waging war on Trump.

The other is lining their own pockets.