Matt Eyles, the senior executive president of America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) gave some bad news on Monday. He gave a warning of an increase in premiums for ObamaCare plans in 2019. And said the situation is “not a pretty picture.”

Eyles will become CEO of AHIP on June 1. He says insurers want to ensure people are able to get coverage at the most affordable price. However, he admits the outlook is bleak. He says Republicans are to blame, thanks to their various policy advancements.He also blames the Trump administration for the issues.

Eyles said he expects the repeal of the original mandate back in December to have serious consequences moving forward. For one, people of worse health will likely be signing up. In addition, he grimaces recalling Trump administration initiatives to increase access to cheaper, skimpier health plans (known as “short-term plans”).

Eyles says these short-term plans raise fears of causing increases in premiums and siphoning away healthy people.

Announcements of the increases in premiums will come in October, just before midterm elections. Democrats plan to blame Republicans for the increases.

Insurers are warning that these premiums may increase by as much as 30 percent for ObamaCare plans. However, many people do receive subsidies that protect them from the increases. Those who will be hit hardest are those whose income is too high to qualify for subsidies.