At a time when anti-cop rhetoric and racial divisions are sweeping the country, a Taco Bell employee was given the boot after refusing service to two sheriff deputies in Alabama.

To make matters worse, the situation occurred just hours after three Baton Rouge police officers were murdered in cold-blood – and less than one week after the Dallas, Texas police killings that rocked the nation.

Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones said the cashier of the Phenix City Taco Bell told his deputies the restaurant does not serve law enforcement officers.

The deputies thought the cashier was joking.

She was not.

“It happened around 9:40 p.m. central time.  They thought the cashier was kidding.  When they realized she wasn’t, they left.  It is very disappointing that officers would be treated in such a negative fashion because we try to treat everyone with respect.” Jones said.

Jones also claimed a patron eating in the restaurant apparently overhead what was happening and approved of the employee’s refusal to serve the police officers.

The district manager of the Taco Bell, Robert Chauvin, had visited the restaurant earlier that day, and said he was aware of what took place and was investigating the issue.

“That is not our police, not in any way.  This will be rectified,” Chauvin said.

Sheriff Jones understood this was the action of only one person and that it didn’t reflect upon the policies of the restaurant or its company.

Jones continued to emphasize that he didn’t want Taco Bell to suffer consequences from any potential fallout based on the actions of one individual – in the same way all law enforcement shouldn’t be blamed for the actions of a few.

The restaurant followed up and issued an apology to the deputies.

By Sunday night, the cashier who had refused to serve the police officers was booted from the company.

Sheriff Jones maintained the business itself was not at fault.

If this individual refuses to change her behavior and treat people with respect, it’s safe to say she’ll have a hard time finding and keeping any job in the near future.

And rightfully so.