Ohio Governor John Kasich based his failed presidential campaign – where he won just one contest and routinely finished at the bottom of the pack – on his brand of poking a stick in the eyes of conservatives to earn cheers from the left-wing press.

After returning to Columbus to finish out his term, Kasich was presented with a bill conservatives had fought tooth-and-nail to send to his desk.

But what Kasich did with the bill has made conservatives across the country label him as the worst sellout in America.

The Ohio legislature sent a “heartbeat bill” to the Governor’s desk.

The bill would have banned abortions after six weeks, at which point a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Kasich had the chance to save thousands of lives.

21,000 abortions were performed in Ohio just last year.

But rather than stand with the conservative activists who helped elect him by protecting protect the right of the most vulnerable in society, Kasich heartlessly vetoed the bill.

Lifezette reports on his bitter betrayal:

“However, Kasich also used his one-line veto power to strike down the Heartbeat Bill. This very important bill would have prohibited abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected — and a baby’s heartbeat can be picked up at approximately six weeks.

The governor — and former presidential candidate — justified his split decision on these matters by explaining that other strict abortion laws have been ruled unconstitutional. It would be a waste of taxpayer dollars to sign such a controversial, conservative law in Ohio, he said. It would restrict a woman’s right to choose because she may not even know she is pregnant before the six-week mark, he noted.

Kasich’s effort, however, to find middle ground on an issue that is either right or wrong is vastly disappointing.

He has incensed pro-life conservatives and failed to appease pro-choice liberals. With his lukewarm compromise, he has merely condoned taking the lives of the smallest, most innocent human beings. His excuse that it would be a waste of taxpayer money makes no sense — since taxpayer money currently funds such pro-abortion organizations as Planned Parenthood.”

Republicans won a massive victory in Ohio when Trump trounced Clinton by nearly ten points.

And Senator Rob Portman won his re-election in a massive landslide.

Many experts believe a key part in this Republican wave was voters turning out to protect the Supreme Court seat which was vacant after Justice Antonin Scalia’s tragic death.

Voters believed appointing a conservative nominee – and allowing a President Trump along with a Republican senate to nominate and confirm conservative justices for future vacancies – would finally create a pro-life majority on the court.

But Kasich spit right in the fact of these voters.

Critics argue he has no idea how a future court would rule on the constitutionality of the “heart beat” bill.

President Trump and a Republican senate may very well place pro-life justices on the bench.

But critics also argue Kasich vetoed this legislation because he isn’t committed to being pro-life.

Protecting the rights of abortion mills in Ohio that end thousands of lives each year is just another sell-out in his long line of conservative sell outs.

And when he was in Congress, Kasich supported Bill Clinton’s gun ban.

He also strongly backs amnesty for illegal immigrants.

When he championed expanding ObamaCare in Ohio, he famously said he did so because when he got to the pearly gates, he would be asked what he did for the poor.

What will his answer be for what he did to protect unborn babies?