Only time will tell if Senator Elizabeth Warren will respond to President Trump’s recent challenge.

The President said that if Elizabeth Warren were to run for President in 2020 that he’d donate $1 million dollars to her charity of choice.

The reason behind the challenge, if you didn’t know, is Elizabeth Warren has long stated that she is a descendant of a Native American tribe.

President Trump has long suspected and bombastically claimed, Senator Warren is not of Native American heritage.

And much like he challenged President Obama to produce a valid birth certificate… he is making it well known that if Warren stumps for the office of President and talks about her Native American heritage she might as well prove it.

At the end of the day, it really does matter if she’s Native American or not.

Politicians like Warren pander to the public through the misrepresentation of both policies as well themselves. And if Warren tries to get votes by pretending she’s a Native American when she’s not then it’s a lie of great consequence.

This is why Trump calls Warren Pocahontas because he simply does not believes she has any Native American ancestry.

As the Hill wrote:

Trump said that when or if Warren “proclaims she’s of Indian heritage” he will order a DNA test kit from one of the television commercials he views.

At the prospective debate, he will “gently” toss the kit in Warren’s direction and “say I will give you a million dollars to your favorite charity — paid for by Trump — if it shows you’re an Indian.”

One of Warren’s senatorial opponents, Independent candidate Shiva Ayyadurai, previously shipped a kit to Warren, which he said was refused.

Trump said Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden are likely to announce bids to face him in 2020.”

It’s highly unlikely Warren will take the test as she’s already refused one and she will probably just dig her heels in and protest all the more citing Trump’s supposed prejudices as the main reason why.