Terrorists have struck again.

Islamists murdered seven and wounded 48 in a series of deadly terror attacks in London this weekend.

The attacks are just another reminder of the dangers of Islamic terror and Europe’s problems with mass migration from the Middle East.

On Saturday night in London, three jihadists carried out a brutal wave of attacks in.

They began by plowing a van into a crowd on London Bridge and then proceeded on foot to nearby Borough market, stabbing and slashing the throats of innocent victims.

The assailants were killed by police in a hail of gunfire.

Fox News reports on what we know so far:

“London police said they have identified the three assailants in the weekend’s terror attacks, but are withholding it until it is “operationally possible” to release it.

Police said the assailants were shot and killed after ramming pedestrians with a van on London Bridge, then jumping out of the vehicle to stab pedestrians in Borough Market.

The death toll in the attacks stood at seven as of Monday. Nearly 50 others were injured and about 20 remain critically injured.

British police have made a total of 14 arrests in connection to the attacks and one has bene released without any charges.”

ISIS quickly took credit for the attacks – which occurred just days before Britain’s parliamentary elections.

The Washington Times reports:

“The Islamic State claimed responsibility Sunday for the deadly terror attack in London, according to multiple reports.

The terror group made the claim through its Amaq News Agency, saying a “detachment of Islamic State fighters” carried out the attack in which three men drove a van over pedestrians on London Bridge and then went on a knifing spree through a nearby neighborhood of restaurants and pubs.

They killed seven people and wounded dozens more before being gunned down by police.

The claim of responsibility was originally reported by the SITE Intelligence Group.

Islamic State or ISIS often takes credit for attacks carried out by anyone it considered to be inspired by the group.”

Donald Trump tweeted out his support for the citizens of London.

This was the second terrorist attack to hit London in barely under two weeks.

A blood thirsty terrorist murdered young girls and women at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester using a nail bomb and a suicide vest.

Now Britain – and the entire West – must reexamine both their anti-terror policies and their open borders policies towards Middle Eastern migration.

We will keep you up to date on this developing situation.