A lot of violent leftist rhetoric appearing on social media has been investigated by police since Antifa members began donning masks and setting up riots.

However, universities have been hesitant to investigate students and groups who make concerning or threatening posts on platforms like Twitter.

One college club, however, crossed so far over the line that both police and the university are investigating.

The group was called Young Democratic Socialists at the University of Georgia.

They have since changed their name.

Breitbart reported:

Responding to a story about a professor at the Art Institute of Washington who allegedly claimed that House Republicans should be “lined up and shot,” the Young Democratic Socialists at the University of Georgia reportedly tweeted that the Republican members of the House should instead be “guillotined.”

David Littman, the founder of the Young Democratic Socialists chapter at the University of Georgia who graduated in 2016, claimed that the tweet was made in jest.

In a pleasantly surprising turn of events, the tweet was met with an avalanche of criticism.

Littman insists the facetious nature of the tweet should be obvious, based on the fact he is a staunch pacifist who believes “all violence is immoral, period.”

He claims it is therefore “absurd” to take the tweet seriously.

Clearly, Littman has not been reading the news though, or he would know better than to assume all socialists are pacifists just because he is.

After all, it was a passionate Bernie Sanders’ supporter who shot Representative Steve Scalise last week, and was later found to have a hit-list of politicians on his person.

Some of the gravest mass murders in history occurred under socialists who were striving towards communism, from Pol Pott and Joseph Stalin in Eurasia, to Che Guevara and Fidel Castro close-by in Cuba.

Furthermore, Littman seems to have forgotten the number one rule of comedy: in order for something to be a joke, it has to be funny.

Considering that historical source of the Young Democratic Socialists’ “joke” is the guillotining of French ruling figures during the French Revolution, this tweet is not funny at all.

This is especially true when we remember these beheadings were mostly preceded by ‘kangaroo court’ rulings or mob outcries.

‘Kangaroo courts’ do not seem that distant to many Americans these days, when activist judges claim that it is somehow illegal to enforce the law.

Look no further than the judges and courts that claim defunding sanctuary cities or deporting illegal immigrants are somehow unconstitutional acts.

And mob “justice” is only a hair’s breadth away from occurring, as groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa attack elderly men on the streets for simply wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

So, it is no surprise both police and the university are investigating this group now, despite the fact universities have been notorious for not holding leftist groups to the same standards of conduct as conservatives for the last couple of decades.

It is believed that the rhetoric claiming Republicans should be punished by death led to the attempted assassination of GOP members on a baseball field last week.

And while this socialist group claims they changed their name from Young Democratic Socialists at University of Georgia to Young Democratic Socialists of America to declare their outrage at the university and a desire to disassociate from it, it is far more likely this move is preparing for their potential removal from campus as a student organization.

It is in fact the university which has ground to be outraged and wish to disassociate with the organization.

It is entirely possible the socialist students are aware of this, and this awareness of the dangerous waters they are treading led them to delete not just the tweet which put them under the spotlight, but their entire Twitter account.

That has not stopped them from taking a self-righteous tone about it, though.

Recent events have made clear that the only way forward is through the democratic will and revolutionary spirit of our members and community. The Young Democratic Socialists student group at the University of Georgia has voted unanimously to distance itself from UGA and restructure its platform to meet the needs of its members and the larger Athens community,” according to a post the group made on Facebook.

However, they were not able to pull off their sudden re-branding and deleting before Campus Reform, a watchdog news outlet that reveals liberal bias on campuses, got a screen shot of this “recent event” they so vaguely reference, bringing the matter to national attention.

Sane college students who may just be curious as they hear so many good (and false) things about socialism, beware.

This group illustrates lack of regard for human life that comes along with this failed ideology.