Trump tweets brilliantly, and sticks it to the liberal media.

No other administration has ever had the technology to put out its own news without the media filter.

Instead of the media asking slanted questions and picking and choosing what to print, Trump just sends his message to America.

What is becoming clear is that Big Media is mad their old monopoly is gone.

While Trump tweets, the media and even some of his own staffers squirm, but this is the first time we have real access to what is going on in the mind of a U.S. President.

Townhall reports:

President Donald Trump frequently comes under criticism for tweeting, even from his own advisers. But tweeting is probably the smartest thing he has done as president.

He is able to speak directly to the American people without going through the biased mainstream media filter. The media doesn’t get to ask him slanted questions or pick and choose parts of his press releases to publish. Instead, Trump gets immense control over every single sentence he issues, which are then read by millions of Americans.

With almost everyone online these days, it is easy for the average American to follow Trump’s tweets on Twitter. Twitter is free, unlike some mainstream media sites. Many of The Washington Post’s articles — the site is a frequent critic of Trump — are behind a paywall.

And even if left-leaning Twitter artificially buries positive news about Trump, it doesn’t matter, people go directly to his tweets.

Because Twitter is free, and it does not even require an account, President Trump can get his message to everyone.

Most newspapers require you to subscribe to get biased reporting, some even require payment, but not President Trump’s Twitter feeds.

But there is a bigger, nagging question — “Who actually controls most of the news today?”

Without citizens knowing the biases of the source of the information, then Big Media’s monopoly continues.

Townhall continues:

Google, Twitter and Facebook control much of the news we see today, but Trump’s tweets get around their dominance.

Similar to the Drudge Report website, Trump’s tweets are so well-known that people view his tweets independently of the tech giants. The Drudge Report receives comparable traffic to Google News and The New York Times — despite the fact Google News prominently promotes the Times in search results and on its homepage. 

Drudge isn’t even carried in Google News, since the site merely aggregates links to articles. Google is the most trafficked site in the U.S. as well as in the world.

Most of the time, Google News is full of articles by the left-leaning media critical of Trump and conservatism. But Trump’s tweets changed all that. Reporters race to report on his tweets, filling up Google News with articles that are far more favorable to Trump, since there is so little room left for spin with his tweets.

A quick perusal of Google News right now reveals this headline near the top, “Trump accuses Clinton of colluding with Democrats to defeat ‘Crazy Bernie Sanders.’” The Washington Post article acknowledges, “Trump took to Twitter Sunday morning…”

There really is very little way to write the headline to make Trump look bad. There wasn’t any extra information to glean something from outside of one short tweet.

What is really disturbing is how Big Media colludes to hide stories that show just how right President Trump is on major stories, such as Trump’s alleged work with Russia to mess up the U.S. presidential election.

While the press is used to having total control of a story, now they are being called out publicly on their failures.

“One sign of Trump’s success at tweeting may be diminishing references to the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia to influence the U.S. presidential election. Trump rails on Twitter frequently about the “fake news” media making up his ties to Russia.

Although no evidence of collusion has emerged during the months the left-leaning media has made it a top story, the media ran with it for quite a long time.

But Trump kept hammering the media over it, never letting up, sometimes with multiple tweets in a row. Finally, after fired FBI Director James Comey told Congress earlier this month that there was no collusion, the media showed signs of backing off. On June 22, CNN retracted a story. Rank-and-file Democrats in Congress are now urging leadership to stop talking about it.”

But what is really driving Big Media up a tree is they don’t understand the mindset of a decisive businessman who wants to make bold change.

David Shulkin is in a rare position because he has worked in the Obama and Trump administrations, and how he describes President Trump’s management is illuminating.

From the Washington Examiner:

“The president very much looks at this organization like running a business. And he understands that you need to allow the manager of the business to have the freedom to go out and to challenge assumptions and to make decisions,” said the secretary during a breakfast hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

And that’s a good thing?

“Slow, incremental change isn’t what this organization needs,” he said. “He did not come in to make incremental change; he came in to set a fundamentally different course in direction when it comes to providing services to veterans,” Shulkin said. “Acting quicker and more decisively is part of that management style.”

So don’t expect the president to quit tweeting anytime soon.