Tensions in the political world are at an all-time high right now, even between members of the same party.

While most Republicans support President Trump and his “America First” policies, a few backstabbing members oppose him at almost every turn.

Now some unethical behavior by one of the worst offenders was just revealed in the media – but will it affect his political standing?

A Clinton donor was found funding an unlikely source – a Republican organization that seems eerily similar to the Clinton Global Initiative organization.

The program, McCain Institute for International Leadership, was founded by Senator John McCain as a way to establish a legacy for himself once his term is over – and it’s receiving funds from some incredulous sources.

One contribution was given by billionaire-liberal activist donor George Soros, who donated over $100,000 to the program.

The Daily Caller reported:

Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain in 2012 turned over nearly $9 million in unspent funds from his failed 2008 presidential campaign to a new foundation bearing his name, the McCain Institute for International Leadership.

The institute is intended to serve as a “legacy” for McCain and “is dedicated to advancing human rights, dignity, democracy and freedom.” It is a tax-exempt non-profit foundation with assets valued at $8.1 million and associated with Arizona State University.

Conservative and liberal critics, however, believe the institute constitutes a major conflict of interest for McCain, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned.

John McCain is funneling in money from his campaign donations as well – disregarding the actual reason taxpayers donated to him in the first place.

Worst yet, the program took in over $1 million from a Saudi Arabian donor, and even received direct funding from an organization that supports Iran and their ownership of nuclear weapons.

The Daily Caller reported:

And Bloomberg reported in 2016 on a $1 million Saudi Arabian donation to the institute, a contribution the McCain group has refused to explain publicly.

The Pivotal Foundation has in the last three years given $205,000 to the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC), which has been a vocal advocate for the Iranian nuclear deal the Obama administration negotiated.

The NIAC web site claims the group “is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening the voice of Iranian Americans and promoting greater understanding between the American and Iranian people.”

But NIAC President Trita Parsi has long been an advocate for Iran, including demanding in May 2017 that President Donald Trump and officials in his administration “cease questioning the integrity of a (nuclear) deal.”

Overall, what John McCain has established seems incredibly similar to an organization which caused many problems for the Clinton family, and will likely cause similar problems for him as well.

In fact, ethical concerns about the origins of his funds are already causing suspicion, as McCain’s motives are being questioned.

Do you think John McCain is guilty of anything unethical?

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