President Donald Trump just made a key declaration after his historic interaction with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un following their summit to work towards peace this week.

Tensions between North Korea and the United States have been steadily growing for decades since the North Koreans established and have worked to increase their nuclear weapons program.

But now the President just shared some good news that no one could believe.

Earlier this week, the President and Kim Jong Un both met at a historic and unprecedented summit in Singapore.

The two shook hands and talked about their relationship—but also about what each country could offer the other.

North Korea has been avidly threatening the United States with their nuclear weapons for years now—and President Trump has fought back hard.

Even former President Obama believed that North Korea was our most dangerous and pressing problem in the world, but he did little to stop it.

North Korea has threatened the United States on more than one occasion, and certainly after President Trump led his campaign with a promise to do whatever necessary to protect the U.S. against the North Koreans.

North Korea even threatened to pull out of the Olympics earlier this year.

And now both leaders have done something monumental toward change this week—the President and Kim Jong Un signed an agreement that means North Korea will work toward denuclearization.

Ultimately, North Korea agreed to do this in exchange for United States’ security assurances.

Although the agreement seems short on substantive gains, it paves the way for future goals toward peaceful relations and for the safety of South Korea and others.

President Trump returned to the states shortly after the summit and took to Twitter to relay the news:


Ultimately, President Trump’s summit achieved what former President Obama never attempted—a chance at more friendly relations.

Instead of catering to North Korea’s demands like Obama did for years during his two terms in office, President Trump ended up taking the offensive—a decision that appears to show more promise to work in the long run.

If anything, the summit has opened the door for the first time in decades toward eased relations and keeping Kim Jong Un’s prior plan of nuclear warfare in check.

But for now, the ball is in Kim Jong Un’s court as President Trump has returned home.

The burning question now is, will they really denuclearize their weapons?

North Korea’s weapons arsenal contains ICBMs which are thought to be able to reach portions of the United States, as well as other nuclear weaponry.

But for now, Kim Jong Un appears to be in the mood to compromise.  Only time will tell if the United States has truly just gained an ally.

Do you believe North Korea is no longer a threat?

Do you believe North Korea will denuclearize their weapons for assistance for their country as promised?

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