The 25-year-old intelligence leaker was just found by President Trump, along with the National Security Agency.

While Reality Leigh Winner, the leaker, claimed she was careful in the stealing of top secret government documents, she did not cover her tracks very well. It took an incredibly small amount of time for President Trump to find her.

Shortly after Trump tweeted about tracking down the White House leakers, it took only minutes to find Winner after she had sold classified intel to a liberal news site.

The Georgia-based government contractor had accessed the documents online before emailing them to The Intercept, an online media outlet founded by liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Winner stole the documents in early May, but The Intercept did not notify the NSA until May 31st, after they published an article with the information on it.

The Daily Caller reported:

Georgia-based contractor Reality Winner had accessed the documents before she emailed them to a news outlet in early May and even left behind email communications she had with a reporter.

The Department of Justice charged Winner, a contractor at Pluribus International Corporation who had a top-secret security clearance, with removing classified documents from a federal facility and sending it to The Intercept, an online news outlet founded by journalist Glenn Greenwald.

Winner removed the documents and gave them to The Intercept in early May. The Intercept published the documents online Monday but notified the NSA on May 31. That gave NSA officials plenty of time to find the leaker.

While The Intercept claimed to have been emailed the information, it seems a Justice Department official was told otherwise – begging the question, what else did Winner leak?

The Daily Caller reported:

The document obtained by The Intercept “appeared to be folded and/or creased,” according to a Justice Department legal complaint filed Monday, suggesting the documents were printed out and mailed to the news outlet.

Trump discovered an additional 5 people had access to the documents as well.

A search warrant for Winner’s home was achieved by receiving evidence from emails between Winner and The Intercept, the final piece of the prosecution.

Winner also admitted to pricing information about Russian efforts to hack a voting software company and send phishing emails to U.S. officials.

Thankfully, no more leaks will occur at the hands of Winner and her colleagues, thanks to the quick efforts of President Trump and his administration.


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