Donald Trump’s Presidency has been plagued by leaks of classified information.

Now the administration is fighting back.

And all it took was one simple move.

The Trump administration just charged the first member of the Deep State for leaking under the Espionage Act.

Reality Leigh Winner was a government contractor working with Pluribus International Corp.

She leaked a top secret document to The Intercept that described attempted Russian cyber attacks before the 2016 election.

Bloomberg reports:

“A former U.S. Air Force linguist was charged with passing a top-secret document to the media in the first arrest of its kind since President Donald Trump vowed to crack down on government workers who illegally leak information.

Espionage charges against Reality Leigh Winner, 25, who worked for government contractor Pluribus International Corp., were announced by the U.S. Justice Department on Monday, shortly after the online news outlet The Intercept published what it said was a National Security Agency report detailing Russian hacking efforts in the days before the 2016 election.”

A New York Times reporter claimed this was the beginning of Trump’s crack down on leaking.

The mere act of leaking is illegal.

The Trump administration isn’t “cracking down” on leakers or whistleblowers.

By arresting Williams and pursuing other Deep State leakers, the Trump administration is upholding the rule of law and defending American national security.

Trump supporters were wondering when the administration was finally going to put a stop to the Deep State sabotage.

Winner’s arrest looks like the first step in taking care of that problem.


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