President Trump recently announced details of his administration’s proposed budget.

And as expected, many on the left are fuming.

Trump campaigned on the promise of draining the swamp of federal bureaucrats and the frivolous budgets of government agencies with too much power and too much red tape.

One proposed budgetary proposal, with the approval from conservatives and the public, is that of a 2.6 billion dollar cut to the Environmental Protection Agency.

The biggest benefits for the economy from this cut would come from defunding the “Clean Power Plan.”

Defunding the “Clean Power Plan” — proposed during Obama’s presidency — would not only regulate the out of control bureaucrats in the EPA, but had it passed, it would have cost the American public hundreds of billions of dollars in increased energy costs.

The Obama administration’s plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions from America’s electricity producing sector would have also put many coal miners out of work and devastate the local economies of small-town communities dependent on the revenue and jobs generated by the coal industry.

Breitbart News reported:

Estimates of the costs of the Clean Power Plan vary, with the EPA itself claiming it would cost virtually nothing while industry estimates say it would cost consumers as much as $214 billion in higher energy costs by 2030. Energy Ventures Analysis, a consultant group that receives much of its income from the energy industry, has said that replacing otherwise perfectly good electricity generating capacity with Clean Power Plan compliant capacity would cost as much as $64 billion.

But even if the costs are smaller, stopping the Clean Power Plan will mean consumers have more money to spend, save and invest in America’s growing economy. And billions of dollars that would have gone to replace existing power generating facilities can be invested in expansionary economic activity.

And many agree Trump’s cuts to the EPA and ridding the country of the regulations created by the “Clean Power Plan” will also benefit Americans by bringing power back to the people, another campaign promise made by Donald Trump to ‘Make America Great Again’ by keeping U.S. industries and businesses at work.

The demands of the “Clean Power Plan” would have reshaped the American power industry with legislation that was never passed by Congress or signed into law by the President, thus taking down a notch the powerful EPA bureaucrats who were not elected by the American people.

In recent years, unelected EPA officials have trampled the rights of hardworking Americans, including farmers and other small businesses, by hitting them with fines or even jail time for unintentionally breaking EPA laws, even on their own private lands.

In addition to defunding the “Clean Power Plan”, Trump’s cuts to the EPA budget will be a boon to the American consumer in other ways.

Breitbart News reported:

Cutting the EPA staff by 20% may also benefit the American economy if it forces the EPA from its aggressive regulatory and enforcement agenda. Last year, The American Action Forum, a center-right policy Institute, estimated that EPA now imposes nearly 200 million hours of paperwork to comply with its regulations. It estimated that it would take more than 94,000 employees working full-time to complete one year of EPA paperwork.

“The agency’s burden has surged 23 percent since 2009 and 34 percent since 2002,” the American Action Forum reported.