The Trump administration began enforcing the law against leaking classified information by arresting federal government contractor Reality Leigh Winner.

But her crime was not the most unbelievable part of the story.

Her past – and how she got a security clearance – raised eyebrows across America.

Winner was arrested for passing classified information to The Intercept about an attempted Russian cyber attack days before the2016 election.

She was outed when The Intercept passed the document to the federal government for verification.

The feds were able to reverse the leak by seeing who had access to that information and then they discovered Winner emailed The Intercept from her work computer.

When it was discovered that Winner was the leaker, reporters quickly mined her Twitter feed and what they found was outrageous.

She regularly tweeted racist anti-white sentiments and attacked Trump in over the top language.

Questions quickly arose as to how someone like this received a security clearance in the first place.

How did Winner pass the Obama administration’s vetting?

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.