The House Intelligence Committee wrapped up its Russia investigation and found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

That didn’t stop Democrats from continuing to collude with the Deep State in order to undermine President Trump.

But Trey Gowdy had enough and stepped in front of the cameras to shut down the Deep State’s biggest defender.

California Congressman Adam Schiff is the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.

Schiff is a constant presence on CNN and MSNBC where he regularly floats – without citing evidence – his theories about the Trump campaign colluding with Russia.

The California Democrat continues to stoke the “resistance” – and media’s – paranoia about Trump by feeding conspiracy theories in spite of all the evidence that the Russia collusion story is a hoax.

But Trey Gowdy answered Schiff’s conspiracy mongering in an epic take down on Fox News.

Gowdy began his comments by noting that Schiff was one of Hillary Clinton’s most loyal surrogates during the campaign:

“Adam’s had a terrible last couple of years, he wanted to be the attorney general under Hillary Clinton and no one in the country worked harder to protect her than Adam Schiff.”

The South Carolina Congressmen then listed all the promotions of higher office Schiff sought out. “He wanted to be the head of the CIA,” Gowdy continued, “he wanted to run for Senate in the People’s Republic of California, but he couldn’t win either of those seats, so now, now  he wants to be the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, speaking of the apocalypse, Adam Schiff wants to be the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.”

Gowdy also detailed all the cover-ups Schiff tried to manage during his time in Congress:

“You wouldn’t know the whole spontaneous reaction to a video was a hoax in Libya.”

“You would have never have read the first [Ambassador] Chris Stevens email.”

“You wouldn’t know that Hillary Clinton had this unique email arrangement with herself because Adam Schiff did everything in his power to keep you from finding out.”

“You wouldn’t know about the dossier, you wouldn’t know who funded it, you wouldn’t know it was used in a court proceeding, you wouldn’t know about [FBI official Peter] Strzok and [former FBI lawyer Lisa] Page, in fact you wouldn’t even be having a show tonight. You wouldn’t be having a show about Strzok and Page if Adam Schiff had had his way.”

Schiff is a fixture on left-wing cable news because he tells audiences what they want to hear.

But his media tour to promote conspiracy theories and baseless allegations has worn thin.

And if Democrats win back the House, Schiff will become the Intelligence Committee Chairman and wield subpoena power.

While Schiff can’t fabricate evidence to prove collusion, Schiff can use his perch to harass and embarrass the Trump administration.

Do you agree with Trey Gowdy’s assessment of Schiff?

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