Republicans on the Intelligence Committee are preparing to release a report that will blow the media’s Russia collusion narrative out of the water.

But not everyone agrees with it.

And what Trey Gowdy just said about Russia collusion left everyone shaking their head.

The media and Democrats claimed that collusion with Russia existed because Russian President Vladimir Putin was actively meddling in the election.

But this was the assessment of only four intelligence agencies—not all 17 of them, as Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and the media like to claim.

Republicans—who interviewed 73 witnesses and poured over 300,000 pages of documents—came to a different conclusion.

They found that Putin worked against Clinton, but did not show favoritism to Trump.

But Trey Gowdy broke from his colleagues’ assessment and claimed that by working against Clinton, Putin was effectively working to elect Trump.

Politico reports:

“A top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee distanced himself Tuesday from one of the panel’s most explosive findings in its Russia investigation — that the FBI, CIA and NSA overplayed their hand when they declared Russia preferred a Donald Trump victory in the 2016 election.

Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina said that the evidence gathered by the committee clearly showed Russia’s disdain for Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton, and was “motivated in whole or in part by a desire to harm her candidacy or undermine her Presidency had she prevailed.”

A source familiar with Gowdy’s thinking said the congressman believes there’s no difference between opposing Clinton and backing Trump in what had become, effectively, a two-person race. The source added that Gowdy “disagrees with the conclusion” that the intelligence agencies got it wrong.

“He believes the debate over whether desiring a negative outcome for Clinton necessarily meant Russia had a preference for candidate Trump is a distinction that doesn’t make a difference,” the source said.”

Texas Republican Mike Conway – who led the investigation after Devin Nunes stepped back – disagreed with Gowdy.

Politico also reports:

“Gowdy’s conclusion is at odds with an overview of the findings of the House’s Russia investigation released Monday by the probe’s top Republican, Rep. Mike Conaway of Texas. Among the findings: Although the committee agrees Russia interfered in the election, the intelligence community failed to adequately back up its claim “with respect to Putin’s supposed preference for candidate Trump.”

“The conclusion that Putin was trying to help Trump, we don’t think that’s supported by the underlying data,” Conaway said in a phone interview, when asked to elaborate on the committee’s finding.”

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.