In a world of journalism gone awry, there’s a startling fact that we have to deal with.

Propaganda is part and parcel to publishing a story in today’s mainstream media.

American Patriot Daily is not a traditional news source in that we proudly proclaim to profess conservative beliefs. We report, but we admittedly carry bias because we want to expose the left for what it is… a troupe of marauders and henchman trying to carry out a Marxist agenda at the expense of Freedom.

However, many of the main news sources you’re familiar with are supposed to provide news free from bias.

The only problem is they don’t. Even when they say they do.

An example of this would be Time Magazine’s recent cover story regarding Trump and the immigration fiasco down at the border.

On the cover, a small, crying girl has been photoshopped to appear as if she’s standing at the feet of the President.

The emotional reaction the photo is intended to elicit is one of disdain for the President and his enforcement of an Obama era policy which separated children from the adults they’ve been apprehended with as they illegally pass over the border.

The only problem with the picture…

As well as how the mainstream media has been covering the entire immigration scenario, is this.

This small girl, who is made to look like she’s alone and separated from her parents, was not, in fact, a “victim” of Trump’s family separation policy.

Furthermore, her father said she was never once apart from her mother.

As the Washington Post’s Samantha Schmidt and Kristine Phillips report, “the girl’s father says the child and her mother were never separated. U.S. Customs and Border Protection confirmed it, as did the Honduran deputy foreign minister.

The Trump administration ordered an end to family separations but has offered no plan to reunite the more than 2,300 children it separated from their parents.

The image is a sad one, but it is of a rather standard occurrence at the border: A mother and her daughter attempted to immigrate illegally and were apprehended. The mother, in fact, had tried this before and was deported in 2013. The photo says virtually nothing about Trump’s now-aborted policy. In fact, it’s an example of how not all young children were separated from their parents.”

What the photo also fails to explain is how what Trump is doing is no different than what Obama did while he was in office.

To his credit, Obama deported more illegal immigrants in his 8 years as President than any President before him. A lot of that had to do with the fact that more illegals attempted to cross the border under his watch.

And all Trump is doing is continuing that policy, but taking the kid gloves off and deporting more illegals than Obama.

Trump’s actions regarding immigration are there to make sure people don’t come here illegally.

It’s why he wants to build a wall in the first place.

And Time Magazine and CNN and all of the other liberal media outlets want to make him look like a monster because he’s decided to stick to a campaign promise he made to his voters.

That being said, the family separation component to illegal immigration detention has been reversed under Trump.

It’s obvious the man is not a monster (and certainly no Hitler like the left warns). If he were, he wouldn’t have acquiesced and allowed known criminals to stay with their families.

But the left is trying to twist and contort the truth to make him look like a despot when he’s simply following the law of the land.

How Sad.