Bill and Hillary Clinton are back in the spotlight.

Their strange public appearance had everyone talking.

And Rush Limbaugh is claiming it means something unthinkable will happen.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were “caught” flying on a commercial airline.

No private plane.

No security detail.

No entourage.

Just a regular couple about to fly the friendly skies.

But with the Clintons, nothing is ever as it seems.

There are always political calculations and ulterior motives at work.

Speculation has floated around some corners of the media that Clinton is prepping for a possible 2020 comeback.

Clinton would need to humanize herself much the way Richard Nixon used the Jack Parr show to display a humorous side the public didn’t see during the 1960 Presidential campaign.

Critics believe the video of Bill and Hillary on the plane was nothing more than a carefully staged photo-op to paper over the image of Bill and Hillary raking in hundreds of millions of dollars speaking to banks and selling access to themselves through the Clinton Foundation.

Rush Limbaugh discussed the video on his top rated radio program.

Limbaugh believed the Clintons used the photo-op to help clean up their image ahead of a political comeback.

The conservative talk show host stated:

“Hillary Clinton still doesn’t get the message. She’s still victim number one. And if she is planning on running, then flying without security in coach or business, whatever, on a commercial airline makes perfect sense! Especially when you look at it from the standpoint that the Clintons need to correct the big mistake she made in 2016, which was being aloof and unavailable and seemingly uninterested in average people, above and beyond. It makes perfect, logical sense.”

“Even if she’s not running and if she’s positioning herself to be kingmaker, whatever it is. But she’s got her PAC revved up, and she’s raising money again. The woman is not gonna go away, folks. She thinks that she has been cheated out of victory in every election that she lost. In 2008 Obama, and last year with Trump, Russia, all this.”

“I think these people end up believing the excuses that they mount or use to suggest why they lost. I think she has this deep sense of entitlement to the presidency that isn’t gonna go away no matter how many times she’s rejected because, in her mind, she doesn’t look at it as rejection. Something went wrong, somebody cheated. People in her campaign made mistakes.”

Even for the Clintons, a third run for the White House would be utterly shameless.

Both times she ran, Hillary was defeated by a novice.

Voters have twice sent the message that they have no desire to see her sitting in the Oval Office.

Her own party rejected her in 2008 for freshmen Senator Barack Obama.

And in 2016, the country selected political outsider Donald Trump.

But will Hillary get the message?

Do you think Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2020?

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