Never Trump RINOs are still infecting the Republican Party.

These saboteurs look for any opportunity to bring down President Trump.

And this RINO Senator just announced he was going to join the Democrats and it has Chuck Schumer jumping for joy.

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake has been a die-hard Trump hater since the campaign.

Flake’s loyalty is not to American citizens, conservatism, or the Constitution, but to cable TV bookers on liberal networks and illegal aliens.

The Arizona Senator has supported amnesty, gun control, and even dedicated an entire book to bashing President Trump for his “style.”

The upshot was this tanked his approval rating down to 18 percent, forcing him to announce he was retiring at the end of his term because he was trailing behind his pro-Trump primary challenger by double-digits in the polls.

But since Flake now has nothing to lose, he’s taking his hate for Trump to a whole new level.

Flake is threatening to vote against all Trump’s judicial nominees unless he gets his way on tariffs and relations with Cuba.

Flake’s support for travel with Cuba is seen by many conservatives as being an apologist for the authoritarian government.

President Trump reversed the Obama policy of loose travel restrictions to Cuba, but Flake agrees with Obama that Americans should be allowed to provide an economic boost to the communist government in Havana.

In addition, Flake is a globalist who opposes Trump’s America First trade and immigration agenda.

Despite Trump achieving his goals through the threat of tariffs – Germany automakers BMW and Volkswagon AG proposed eliminating the automobile import tariff between the EU and the United States, which hampers the ability to sell American cars abroad – Flake still wants to reign in Trump’s trade agenda.

Flake is siding against American workers and industry in favor of international trade deals and multinational corporations.

So Flake is threatening to vote against every Trump judicial nominee.

Republicans hold an 11-10 margin in the Senate Judiciary Committee and if Flake joins the Democrats on nomination votes, no Trump nominee would receive a favorable committee vote.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell could advance the nominees to the Senate floor anyway, but Flake could once again join the Democrats on every vote.

Since there are only 50 Republicans currently in the Senate, Flake’s defection would provide the margin Democrats need to kill every Trump nominee.

Trump’s judicial nominees are one of the highlights of his Presidency.

The President has set a record for circuit court nominations and the Senate has confirmed nominees to every level of the judiciary at record speed.

Trump’s nominee share two characteristics – they are young and they are very conservative.

Stacking the federal bench with conservative judges in their 40s means Trump will have an effect on American life well past the year 2050 as his nominees implement conservative legal thinking long after Trump has left the Oval Office.

Democrats and the media have been trying to goad Republicans into voting with Democrats if they oppose Trump on personality or rhetorical grounds.

Now that Flake no longer has to fear facing the voters, he is free to take the left up on their offer out of a petty desire to exact revenge on Trump because Flake’s brand of liberal Republicanism was rejected by the voters.