Some parts of the country just never learn.

The U.S. Senate’s oldest member is making headlines, running for re-election again in 2018.

Amidst criticism from the right for a lack of regard for the Constitution, as well as criticism from the left for not being far left enough, Senator Dianne Feinstein is most likely still seeking re-election.

The Sacramento Bee reported:

The nation’s oldest U.S. senator looks like she’s sticking around.

California’s Dianne Feinstein turns 84 on Thursday and is displaying signs that she’s headed for a re-election campaign, not a retirement party.

While the Democrat has been coy when asked about seeking a fifth full term next year, her political committee, unambiguously titled Feinstein for Senate 2018, raised more than $650,000 in the first three months of this year in a cue she is looking ahead.

Feinstein plays a marquee role for Democrats on Capitol Hill, where she has queried Attorney General Jeff Sessions and former FBI Director James Comey about their interactions with President Donald Trump, amid probes tied to Russian influence and the 2016 presidential campaign.

On Friday, she warned that Trump might attempt to fire Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating possible obstruction of justice. “The message the president is sending through his tweets is that he believes the rule of law doesn’t apply to him,” she said.

She’s the ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, which is investigating the circumstances behind Trump’s dismissal of Comey. She also sits on the Intelligence Committee, which is conducting an inquiry into Russia’s election meddling and whether there was any collusion between Russia and Trump’s campaign.

With another term in Washington, Feinstein could be in the Senate into her 90s.

The senator who claimed women cannot handle the “death machines we call guns”, who believes all veterans “most likely” have PTSD, and that even those who don’t should still have their rights taken from them just in case, and who just last week attempted to use Republican Representative House Majority Whip Steve Scalise’s ‘death’ as a gun control argument – despite the fact Scalise is not dead – is not retiring.

And while the media points out she is meeting a little bit of resistance from liberals who are excited to see someone new in her seat, she is likely to win her re-election.

Some Democrats have complained the Senator is not far enough left for California.

Her attempts at incrementalism, such as a bill she introduced this year to prevent illegal immigrants working in agriculture from being deported rather than broader protections for illegals, have been portrayed as “centrism” by pundits and potential challengers who are even further left than she is.

The Sacramento Bee reported:

But her centrist credentials and lack of enthusiasm for universal health care have made the grande dame of state Democrats a target within the party’s restless liberal wing.

She’s had protesters outside her home, and has been criticized by some for appearing too temperate in remarks about Trump’s White House.

After Trump fired Comey, her initial statement said, “The next FBI director must be strong and independent and will receive a fair hearing in the Judiciary Committee.” Within a day, she changed course and was questioning if Comey was fired to stifle the FBI’s Russia investigation.

The break between the party’s establishment and liberal branches played out during last year’s Democratic presidential primary. And at a state Democratic convention this year, liberals inspired by Bernie Sanders nearly captured the party’s top job.

“The split is obviously between the new breed and the old guard. It’s not likely to heal if Dianne Feinstein runs for re-election,” said Michael Thaller, who heads the state party’s Progressive Caucus.

For many liberals, “it’s time to get some new blood in there — some new, more progressive blood,” he added.

Seeing as how she has been in office since the Vietnam-era, Senator Feinstein is likely to be re-elected simply out of tradition at this point.

Many Californians still see her as a key player in the “Resistance” movement against President Trump.

She cements this position and touts her record to Californians across a wide range of demographics by using every media platform from the Sunday news to Twitter.

And as long as she is in the Senate, she is likely to continue holding key committee and leadership positions.

This is what happens when Republicans and conservatives offer only token resistance, if any, in states deemed as lost causes like California.

Democrats like Feinstein become so entrenched in important government roles that they affect policy for more than a generation.

A woman who believes the United States Constitution is a “living document” meant to change with the times should not be filling influential positions in our government, and she certainly should not be doing so with minimal resistance.

Will 2018 be the year that a sane person who respects our nation’s laws is elected to represent California?

Or will we end up with someone even further left than Feinstein?

Most likely, we will suffer the status-quo, and Dianne Feinstein will continue to heckle Republicans attempting to undo the damage done under Barack Obama in the last eight years, stonewalling any attempts to restore our Constitution.