Liberals have utilized activist judges in lower courts to try and stop Trump’s travel ban.

Handpicking activist left-wing judges allowed them to rack up legal wins.

But the Supreme Court just handed down their decision and no one could believe what they said.

The Supreme Court ruled that the temporary injunctions against Trump’s travel ban be lifted except in one narrow circumstance where a current visa holder has “bona fide relationships with a person or entity in the United States.”

This is a massive victory for Trump.

His executive order goes back into effect, and the court gave an indication it will be upheld when they hear arguments on the case in October.

Trump released a statement on his win.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions also praised the ruling.

The sweeping nature of Trump’s victory shocked pundits.

Not even the liberal judges on the Supreme Court sided against Trump.

In fact, the only dissent was from conservatives who wanted the order reinstated in its entirety.

National Review reports:

“Notably absent from the court’s decision is any analysis of Trump’s campaign statements. Moreover, the only dissenters from the opinion (justices Gorsuch, Alito, and Thomas) wanted the injunctions vacated in their entirety. They are correct that the court’s ruling will invite further litigation as litigants test the boundaries of the “bona fide relationships,” but the difference between the dissenters and the six remaining justices was only over the proper extent of Trump’s legal victory. For now, the constitutional and statutory primacy of the executive and legislative branches over national security and immigration has been restored.”

The court’s ruling was a huge victory for the rule of law.

And the decision shreds the ridiculous assertions of the lower court that that the left could use Trump’s statements as a private citizen’s to determine the meaning behind his executive order.

We will keep you updated on any new developments as the case progresses.


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