Hillary Clinton is caught in the middle of another controversy.

But this one is entirely of her own making.

And it involves an unthinkable event that left everyone asking major questions.

Hillary Clinton has been touring in India where she’s made headlines after describing Trump supporters as poor, stupid, racist bigots.

Things have only gone downhill from there.

Only a few days ago, a video appeared of Clinton falling down a flight of stairs despite being propped up by two aides.

Now a new report has surfaced that she’s fractured her wrist after falling in a bathtub.

The Daily Mail reports:

“The former Secretary of State injured her right hand on Tuesday after slipping in a bathtub at the palace where she was staying in Jodhpur. 

Doctors were called to the Umaid Bhawan Palace and diagnosed the 70-year-old with a sprain, advising her to rest which forced her to cancel plans to visit the Mehrangarh Fort that evening. 

But the pain only worsened, and by Wednesday morning she decided to get her hand checked out at Goyal Hospital.

Doctors there administered a CT Scan and an X-ray of Clinton’s wrist, and determined that she had a hairline fracture, the Times of India reports.

They wrapped her wrist in a crepe bandage and advised her to rest further, and get a follow up in three days with doctors wherever she was staying. 

Her doctors back in the U.S. agreed. 

She arrived at the hospital early Wednesday and ‘was here for about 15-20 minutes,’ said Suresh Goyal, the CEO of Goyal Hospital in the city of Jodhpur.

On Thursday, she wore a scarf over her right arm and hand as she toured monuments in the city of Jaipur.”

This brings back the scandal surrounding Clinton concealing her health problems during the 2016 campaign.

She was taking medication for blood thinners after suffering a traumatic brain injury when she fell and suffered a concussion in 2012.

Clinton was also regularly seen experiencing coughing fits on the and ultimately collapsed on the street during a 9/11 Memorial service in New York City.

Her campaign claimed she had been diagnosed with pneumonia.

But Trump routinely attacked her as not having the strength or stamina to be President.

Clinton’s recent spills and health problems show Trump was correct.

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