Chuck Schumer has a big problem on his hands.

Senate Democrats are staring down a brutal election environment this November.

And one Senator just made Chuck Schumer’s worst nightmare come true.

Red state Democrats joined Republicans in voting to pass a banking bill that rolled back portions of Barack Obama’s Dodd-Frank law.

The legislation would help small, community banks make loans to customers that would help boost economic growth.

That infuriated liberals who see capitalism as the enemy.

Senator Elizabeth Warren hoped to harness this anger ahead of a possible 2020 Presidential campaign and sent out a fundraising email attacking the 16 Democrats who voted for the bill.

Politico reports:

Midway through Elizabeth Warren’s fire-breathing campaign to tank a bank deregulation bill backed by more than a dozen Senate Democrats, Chuck Schumer invited her to his office.

Warren had just sent a fundraising email blasting fellow Democrats who supported the legislation, and Senate Democrats had just had an ugly caucus meeting at which the rift over the measure was laid bare. And now Schumer wanted to hear what was on the mind of one of his most prominent senators, according to a person familiar with the conversation.

“This is what I said I was going to do,” Warren told the Senate minority leader in a lengthy conversation last Wednesday, the person said. “This is why I ran for the Senate.”

Schumer didn’t tell Warren to stop attacking the bill or to dig in. But he urged her to focus her opposition on the bill’s policies — not individual Democratic senators, as her fundraising plea had done, said a second person briefed on the conversation. Still, Warren largely stuck to her hard-edged tactics in the days afterward, regularly lashing what she calls the “Bank Lobbyist Act” and those who support it.

For Schumer, the banking bill and its rollback of some of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law’s regulations has been quite the tightrope to walk. The minority leader has to balance the needs of moderate caucus members who are desperate for a bipartisan accomplishment heading into brutal reelection races, and the priorities of liberals like Warren who believe they are fighting for the heart and soul of the Democratic Party. Plus, the New Yorker is already viewed with suspicion by liberals for his own ties to Wall Street.

Democrats in the states Trump won are facing difficult re-election campaigns and Warren’s move made this task that much more difficult.

Any decrease in Democrat enthusiasm will be fatal for those Democrats.

Given the anger in the Democrat base to anything that smells of free market capitalism or that is backed by Donald Trump, some liberals could stay home if they view those Democrats as sellouts or collaborators.

If Republicans win the House or Senate in 2018, it will be bad news for all Democrats.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in the 2018 elections.