Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.31.46 PMFor centuries Israel has had enemies on all sides.

Today it’s no different. What is different about the situation today is the enemy isn’t as clear as it used to be for the embattled nation state.

At one time Israel’s enemies were nations, or empires, fractured by their tribal identity.

Now, the enemy is Islam, and inside of Islam are multiple sects who are at war with both Israel, and with each other.

This is perhaps why Israel would tend to look at ISIS as less of a threat than they do Hezbollah.

ISIS and Hezbollah are not only different terrorist organizations, they’re at odds with one another at the current time. ISIS has repeatedly come against Hezbollah the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

al-Assad is aligned with the president of Iran, who Israel would views as their number one enemy in the world.

That’s why Israel has yet to stoke any fires of dissension between them and ISIS.

As World Net Daily writes:

Middle East observers point out that Israel can see ISIS and al-Nusra fighters in the Sunni-dominated area of the Golan Heights in Syria. But Israel does not regard them as an imminent threat as it does Hezbollah, which both Israel and the U.S. regard as a terrorist group.

If Syria were to fall, however, presumably to the strongest Sunni group, ISIS, Hezbollah’s existence would be threatened, one informed source said. An all-out sectarian conflict would spill into Lebanon, the source said, “a situation which would be worse than the 1975 to 1990 civil war in Lebanon.”

The development may be why the Israelis haven’t been so eager to criticize the Saudi financial backing of the Sunni jihadist fighters who are increasingly aligning with ISIS.

What’s interesting is the United States has taken such a firm position against ISIS, they’ve mostly left Israel to fend for itself as it fights multiple enemies on their northern and western borders.

Truth is the United States has been pummeling ISIS with air strikes for months now, while Israel has been taking it on the chin from Hezbollah allied militants.

But the question remains, is the U.S. actively turning their backs on Israel by attacking ISIS?

With Obama in charge the answer might be “yes”.

Only a month and a half ago heightened tensions between the White House and Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the news.

And astonishingly, the United States under Obama’s leadership is becoming even friendlier to Israel’s enemies.

Relations between the U.S. and Iran are at historic levels of amicability, and it’s even been rumored that the U.S. and Iran might ally themselves in attempting to dispatch the ISIS threat.

Right now it looks like Israel is in a fishbowl with swarms of hungry predators ready to attack.

The U.S. is taking the high road…away from Israel.

This is likely all part of Obama’s sinister plans.

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