Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 7.21.29 AMAt this current time, most GOP voters are hoping for one firm result.

They want to hand the Democrats a loss in November of 2016.

The field is wide open, and most voters are looking for someone who has a clear conservative stance on immigration, will look to repeal Obamacare, and is against Common Core.

Which is why it’s so surprising to see Jeb Bush as the clear frontrunner for the GOP party.

Apparently when it comes down to the office of President, voters are looking more for someone who can hand Democrats a defeat, and less for someone who meets all of their individualist goals.

Bush only recently announced he’ll be “actively exploring” the option of taking on a presidential run.

This sentiment has garnered him support of nearly 23% nationwide.

He is 10 percentage points ahead of the next most popular candidate, Chris Christie, who nabbed a 13% rate of support.

Behind these two are Ben Carson with 7% support, and then both Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee each tied for fourth with 6% support.

The surprise here is that GOP votes are ready to lend their support despite the misgivings of many over his stance on controversial issues like Common Core education and immigration.

Bush has indicated he’s in favor of allowing illegals stay in the country. Of those polled, about half didn’t see that being a problem for supporting the Florida governor.

As CNN reports, “Forty-two percent say his description of illegal immigration as an “act of love” make them less likely to support Bush, but another 39% say it makes no difference to them.”

Likewise voters are equally concerned about the governor’s spending habits.

As most GOP voters would rather see spending on government programs go down, Bush actually increased spending while leading Florida. 49% of those polled said his increased spending doesn’t matter to them while 40% say it’s of great concern.

And Bush’s controversial support of the beleaguered Common Core education initiative has those polled divided right down the middle.

But none of these issues really seem to matter, especially because Clinton is the hands down the Democrat favorite to take a run for the Presidency.

In separate mock matches, Clinton has managed to trounce Republican candidates, leading them by as few as 13 percentage points, and often times taking even larger leads than that.

The best chance Republicans have according to these tests, is Bush, who has done as well as receiving 41% of support from voters. Clinton nabbed a 54% support rate in these same mock ups.

That’s why Republicans are willing to let some of their principled values be overlooked…if only they can keep Clinton out of the White House.