Special counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against President Trump is coming under increasing levels of scrutiny.

Mueller and his team’s conduct is being given a new look as more Americans realize he is running a political fishing expedition.

And a recent court battle uncovered Mueller covering up this terrible crime.

Lawyers for Paul Manafort continue to fight Mueller and his prosecutors over their conduct during the investigation which resulted in Manafort being charged with a series of financial crimes unrelated to the 2016 election.

The latest salvo was fired over Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weissman arranging a meeting with reporters from the Associated Press.

During the meeting, the journalists colluded with the government to reveal the existence of a storage locker that was later raided by the FBI where they seized documents used in the investigation.

Journalists working as government informants was bad enough – that only happens in old communist Soviet republics and third world banana republic dictatorships – but what made matters even worse was the government leaked the information to the reporters.

And Manafort’s team contends this was an illegal leak of grand jury information.

FBI documents show Weissman arranged an April 11, 2017 meeting with Associated Press reporters Chad Day, Ted Bridis, Jack Gillum and Eric Tucker.

During the meeting, Weissman suggested possible lines of reporting while the journalists tipped the FBI off to Manafort’s storage locker – including providing an access code for the locker.

A memo about the meeting written by FBI agent Karen Greenway described how Andrew Weissman revealed where the reporters should focus their investigation on Manafort’s financial dealings in Cyprus.

Greenway wrote:

“FBI/DOJ did not respond, but Andrew Weissman suggested that they ask the Cypatriots if they had provided everything to which they had access or if they only provided what they were legally required to provide.”

On April 12, Day and Gillum published an article laying out a series of allegations against Manafort.

The reporters even included the detail that Manafort’s name was included in a ledger that detailed illegal payments from a political party in the Ukraine with deep ties to the Russian government.

Manafort’s lawyers charged in a court filing that Weissman and his team illegally leaked confidential grand jury information to the Associated Press reporters.

Keith Downing – one of Manafort’s lawyers – wrote:

“The meeting raises serious concerns about whether a violation of grand jury secrecy occurred,” Downing continued “Based on the FBI’s own notes of the meeting, it is beyond question that a hearing is warranted.”

Manafort’s lawyer’s allegations of illegal leaks will only add to the criticisms of Mueller’s probe not being on the level.

Trump’s Attorney Rudy Giuliani appeared on ABC’s This Week and blasted the Mueller investigation as “the most corrupt I have ever seen.”

This secret meeting where journalists informed for the government in exchange for tips from the FBI will only raise more suspicions about the Mueller investigation and the conduct of the prosecutors.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against President Trump.