Special counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt has dragged on for over one year.

When he was first appointed, the establishment tried to sell him as an impeccable prosecutor who had the highest integrity.

But Robert Mueller just got some devastating news that he could not believe.

Public confidence in Mueller’s investigation has eroded as more and more Americans realize it was based on a hoax about Russian collusion.

A new CNN poll shows a steady decline in the number of Americans who approve of how Mueller is conducting his investigation.

48 percent approved in March.

That shrunk to 44 percent in May.

Now the number of Americans who approve of the Mueller probe has shriveled to just 41 percent in June.

That number can be expected to further decline in the wake of Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report.

Horowitz found that widespread anti-Trump hatred ran throughout the upper levels of the FBI during James Comey’s tenure.

FBI agents – led by Peter Strzok – expressed extreme bias against the Trump campaign which now looks to be the real basis for starting the Russia probe.

Strzok called it “an insurance policy,” and told another FBI agent that they would “stop” Trump.

The collusion investigation looks more like a partisan fishing expedition than a legitimate counterintelligence investigation.

In addition, Horowitz’s report savaged James Comey for his leadership during his time as FBI Director.

The Inspector General described Comey as “insubordinate,” and oversaw a leadership team run amok with pro-Clinton and anti-Trump bias.

The report makes it clear Donald Trump was fully justified in firing Comey.

And it puts an end to the idea that Trump obstructed justice by sacking Comey last May.

With these twin bombshells – that Comey was an insubordinate FBI Director and that the Russia probe was tainted by FBI agents using it to rig the 2016 election – it is not surprising that support for Mueller is shrinking to only the hardcore “resistance” Americans.

The makeup of Mueller’s team of prosecutors is also causing Americans to lose faith in the justice system.

Trump has repeatedly blasted Mueller’s team on social media as “13 angry Democrats.”

Jeanine Rhee represented Hillary Clinton in a 2015 lawsuit to stop access to her private emails and performed legal work for the Clinton Foundation.

Rhee has also donated nearly $12,000 to Democratic candidates over the years.

And controversial prosecutor Andrew Weissman – who is playing a key role in the Mueller probe – attended Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Election Night victory party.

Another member of Mueller’s team has made a staggering $35,000 in donations to political candidates, with a whopping $2,700 going to Republicans.

Mueller’s partisan prosecutors have donated nearly $60,000 to Democrats through the years and just $3,000 to Republicans.

The deck is now stacked against the Mueller probe as an increasingly larger share of the American people recognize it for the farce that it is.