President Trump is surrounded by enemies on all sides.

Even Republicans are plotting to remove him from office.

And in one secret conversation, a Republican Congressman revealed when Trump would be impeached.

One member of Congress met with commentator Eric Erickson at a Safeway.

As they strolled through the aisles, the Congressman ranted and raved about Trump.

He launched a profanity laced tirade about how Trump would impeached in the summer – after the Republican primaries were over – if Trump moved to fire Mueller.

Erickson recounted the conversation on his site The Maven:

“If we’re going to lose because of him, we might as well impeach the motherf**ker,” said the congressman as we roamed the aisles of a Safeway grocery store together. I haven’t been in a Safeway since my family moved home from Dubai in 1990. The congressman did not want to be seen with me on Capitol Hill. He needed to get some stuff anyway and decided he’d let me walk with him through the cereal and dairy selections at the Safeway near my hotel. He is not happy with President Trump. He was never a die hard Trump supporter. He supported him in the general and never expected him to win. But he did. So the congressman, whose district Trump won, has been a regular supporter on Fox News and elsewhere defending the President. He is happy to be quoted, so long as I don’t name him. He says he just needs to vent. I suggest what we’re doing is one of the reason’s Trump won — a congressman says nice things in public and bad things in private…

… “Judiciary is stacked with a bunch of people who can win re-election so long as they don’t piss off Trump voters in the primary. But if we get to summer and most of the primaries are over, they just might pull the trigger if the President fires Mueller. The sh*t will hit the fan if that happens and I’d vote to impeach him myself. Most of us would, I think. Hell, all the Democrats would and you only need a majority in the House. If we’re going to lose because of him, we might as well impeach the motherf**ker. Take him out with us and let Mike [Pence] take over. At least then we could sleep well at night,” he said before going off on a tangent about how the situations with Russia and China scare him. Then, “You know having Mike as President would really piss off all the right people, too. They think they hate Trump. Mike is competent,” at which point he sighs and laments that there were, in his mind, more than a dozen competent choices in 2016.

So the implication is they wouldn’t vote for impeachment if they might be opposed in primaries, I asked. He confirmed he does not think the votes are there to impeach the President if any of the Judiciary Committee members are facing primary opponents. But get through that and, if Mueller is fired, he thinks so and thinks a majority of the House would vote to impeach President Trump.”

Erickson said the Congressman regularly defends the President on television but rants and raves in private.

This shocking disloyalty – and the admission that Republicans are eager to nullify the 2016 election and team up with the Democrats to get Trump impeached – appalled conservatives.

Critics demanded to know who Erickson’s source was.

But this conversation – as the Congressman notes – is one reason Trump won.

Voters were sick and tired of establishment hacks that lie to their faces.

This interview should be a wakeup call to all Trump supporters.

Republicans in Congress do not have the President’s back.

And one reason the GOP may be wiped out this November is because Republicans have not shown sufficient loyalty to Trump or his agenda.

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