It’s the most frightening thing a father can imagine.

Two escaped convicts – who allegedly murdered two corrections officers – made their way on to one Georgia family’s property.

What the father did next will amaze you.

Rickey Dubose and Donnie Rowe were serving time in Georgia for violent crimes.

The two escaped when they freed themselves from a locked area of a corrections bus and overpowered the corrections officers.

They proceeded to steal their first of five cars during their run from the law and fled the scene.

Dubose and Rowe then broke into an elderly couple’s home and held them at gun point for three hours, tied them up, devoured their food and stole their Jeep.

That led to a high speed chase with police where the vehicles zoomed to speeds of up to 100 miles per hour in the process of slamming into multiple cop cars which allowed them to slip through law enforcement’s grasp.

After 72 hours on the lam, the duo was captured by a Georgia homeowner.

The two men made their way onto Patrick Hale’s property in Christiana, Georgia.

Hale’s friends called to warn him that the fugitives were heading towards his property and he had a decision to make.

Hale prayed, loaded his guns, and armed himself for what he feared could be a confrontation where he was all that stood between two dangerous convicts and the safety of his wife and daughter.

But Dubose and Rowe surrendered when they saw Hale.

Thankfully he never had to draw his weapon and no one was hurt.

CNN reports:

“He had been at his home on Pruitt road with his daughter when two friends called warning him about the fugitives.

Hale loaded his weapons, called 911 and “prayed like I never prayed before,” he said, as the two men crossed a barbed wired fence that’s about 300 yards from his back door.

The 35-year-old father took his daughter, got into his car and began backing it up from their driveway when Robe and Dubose took their shirts off and started waving them.

“My vehicle looks very similar to a police cruiser,” Hale said. “For some reason they started to surrender and lay down on their stomachs in my concrete driveway.”

Hale said he was ready to do “whatever” he could to protect his family.

“I had a weapon on me but I never had to draw the weapon,” he added.”

There was a reward for up to $130,000 for their capture, but amazingly law enforcement is refusing to pay.

Authorities are citing loopholes that the police were really the ones who tracked them down since notification came after the car chase.

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