The Trump-Russia story has launched a thousand media stories about collusion and accusations of treason.

But that isn’t the real scandal.

Obama has tried to hide the real truth, but his cover was blown.

The cyber attacks during the election occurred on Barack Obama’s watch.

One of the largely ignored aspects of this story is the Obama administration’s response.

If the intelligence community was certain a foreign power was trying to meddle in our elections, why was there not a more forceful response?

Donald Trump dragged this issue to the forefront with one tweet.

Obama’s one public reaction was telling Russian President Vladimir Putin to “cut it out.”

That doesn’t sound like a forceful response to what could have been a threat to our Democracy.

And Trump raised even more disturbing questions.

He wondered why the Democrat National Committee wouldn’t allow the FBI or Homeland Security to examine their servers after they had allegedly been penetrated by a foreign power.

The lackadaisical response from both the Obama administration and the Democrat National Committee is revealing.

Critics have questioned the lack of public evidence that either implicates the Russians in the hacks or proves they colluded with the Trump campaign.

If our elections really were under attack by a hostile foreign power, then Russia’s actions demanded a more forceful response.

But that isn’t what happened.

The Obama administration’s response wouldn’t even register as a slap on the wrist.

And the DNC’s reaction was to conceal their servers from investigators.

That leads millions of Americans to agree with Trump’s statement that the whole Russia story is a hoax designed to make excuses for the Democrats losing the election.