While President Trump continues to work to make America great again, Obama continues his verbal attacks against him.

The former president has been relentless with his remarks in the hopes of denouncing Trump as leader.

But when will he realize the American people don’t care what Obama thinks is best for the country?

The people wanted change, and that change came with electing Trump.

Obama somehow thinks he can continue to micromanage the White House, even though his reign of terror is over.

Recently, he resumed a certain narrative about President Trump by claiming in an interview with CNN that Trump promoted the “appeals of authoritarianism“.

The Daily Caller reported:

The former president recently warned the public about the “appeals of authoritarianism” and cautioned people looking for “control and certainty” to pursue a leader who “suggested rolling back the rights of others.” Obama made the statements in a Montreal speech earlier this week, according to CNN.

And while Obama is done in the White House, it seems he believes he still holds some power over the American people, promoting his values and openly opposing Trump, when traditionally ex-presidents stay quiet about their successors.

The Daily Caller reported:

Obama made a striking break with historical precedent when he openly opposed the president, marking the shortest amount of time any former president openly criticized the current administration. Former President Jimmy Carter took second place, with only a year.

The former president is developing a long history of criticizing Trump’s actions. He started only two weeks into the new administration by using a spokesman to slam the president’s executive order that severely limited travel from seven nations that had substantial connections to terrorism.

Obama also called Trump a “bullshitter” after a phone call shortly after the election. Then-president-elect Trump called to discuss the amount of respect he had for the outgoing president. “He’s nothing but a bullshitter,” Obama told friends shortly after the call concluded.

Be it because of jealousy over Trump’s success, or simply because Obama is an egotistical, power-hungry leftist, he can’t seem to keep his mouth shut.

Obama left America in shambles after his presidency.

Millions of Americans were forced to purchase terrible healthcare they couldn’t afford.

The average blue-collar worker was struggling to make ends meet.

And innocents were being killed in the safety of their own neighborhoods by undocumented illegal aliens, who were reaping the benefits of government handouts.

Trump is working to reverse all the damage Obama dealt to the United States, and Obama can’t seem to handle it.

Let us know what you think about his interference in the current political environment by leaving us your thoughts in the comments section below.


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