Although Barack Obama is no longer in office, the effects of his controversial political decisions are still rippling throughout the nation (as well as the world).

One such controversial choice, which Obama has continued to fight for and stand behind, is his deliberate decision to not bomb Syria. He explained in an interview Monday that this decision not to act “required the most political courage.” This statement is, of course, a major backhanded insult toward President Trump.

Following the interview, Obama accepted a Profiles in Courage award at the John F. Kennedy Library for his decision.

According to The Global Politico:

Sending troops into harm’s way was “the hardest issue that I dealt with,” Obama said, adding that seeing and knowing people younger than Schlossberg, 24, “would be in a really dangerous situation, that was tough.”

“But I actually think that the issue that required the most political courage was the decision not to bomb Syria after the chemical weapons use had been publicized and rather to negotiate them removing chemical weapons from Syria,” Obama said.

The Obama administration drew a so-called “red line” with respect to Syrian dictator Bashar Assad’s regime using chemical weapons on its people, arguing in August 2012 that the use of chemical weapons would provoke a military response from the U.S.

But Obama’s military never intervened after Assad used chemical weapons on his people. The administration instead continued pursuing a diplomatic resolution.

Obama said his approach, in retrospect, “was an imperfect solution” because while “99 percent of huge chemical weapons stockpiled were removed without us having to fire a shot,” the U.S. knows that some weapons remained in the Syrian regime’s possession.

“The reason it was hard was because, as president, what you discover is that you generally get praised for taking military action, and you’re often criticized for not doing so,” Obama said.”

Barack Obama did admit that his decision to not bomb Syria was, in fact, “not a slam dunk.” However, he explained he felt this action was necessary at the time in order to attempt to remove large-scale chemical weapons from the country, while not firing a single shot in the process. Barack explained that, by not enforcing military action, this would eliminate the need for the “political expedience of a one-time shot.”

Alternatively, when Donald Trump realized that Assad was once more using chemical weapons against his people, the president fought back by launching a missile strike in Syria. President Trump stood by his retaliation, stating that Assad’s actions were a direct result of Barack Obama’s lack of action, as well as his “weakness and irresolution” toward Syria.