When the Obama administration could not ban guns, they tried to ban ammo.

The Obama administration was frustrated that congress had blocked their gun ban, so they illegally tried to ban several types of ammo, ultimately making the 2nd Amendment worthless.

In response, a congressman has introduced a bill that would prohibit future ammo bans.

This vital law would prevent the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) from arbitrarily banning lead bullets and AR-15 rounds.

Representative Rob Bishop (R., Utah) introduced the bill, The Lawful Purpose and Self-Defense Act, last Wednesday, which would remove the BATF’s discretion in classifying certain ammunition as “armor piercing”.

Instead of relying on the BATF or attorney general’s judgment on which “armor piercing” rounds should be given a “sporting purpose” exception, the bill would rely on the manufacturer’s design and intent.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

“Rep. Bishop said his intention is to prevent gray areas in the law from being used to push new gun control.

“The Founding Fathers were clear when they drafted the Bill of Rights,” Rep. Bishop said in a statement. “The 2nd Amendment is about security and self-defense. Vagaries in today’s legal code pose a real threat to the right to keep and bear arms.

The Obama administration exploited this ambiguity to forward its agenda of restriction. It’s time to ensure no future administration tramples on these freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.”

The congressman points to the BATF’s attempt to reclassify the popular M855 “green tip” 5.56 millimeter ammunition as “armor piercing” under the Obama administration. The attempt to reclassify the ammunition would have effectively outlawed its sale on the civilian market despite decades of it being legally available to consumers.

The ATF ultimately abandoned the effort after receiving backlash from gun owners.

The bill would also keep the BATF from banning the importation of firearms that are legal to own in the United States and reclassifying certain shotguns as heavily regulated “destructive devices,” and it would allow temporary interstate firearms transfers for other legal purposes beyond sporting purposes.

Rep. Bishop introduced the same bill in the last Congress, but it never made it out of committee. He is hoping it performs better this time around despite a jam-packed legislative schedule.”

If a ban doesn’t immediately get rid of all ammo, it certainly makes shooting much more expensive.

The price of certain bullets exploded when the ban was announced.

The Springfield News-Leader reports:

“When word of ATF’s proposal sparked a run on ammo at some Springfield gun stores, and steep price spikes for steel-tipped military surplus ammo at some online ammo dealers. Rounds that sold for 25 to 30 cents apiece tripled at some stores after BATF posted its proposal on its web site.

“We sold out of what we had in stock,” said Ryan Cook, manager of Eagle Armory in Springfield. “We didn’t have a lot in the store but I might have sold four or five cases after ATF’s statement came out. I called our suppliers but they said there was none available to order. It’s like the ammo shortage before. People are going to panic.”

At Kelley’s Police and Tactical Supply in Springfield, manager Michael Francis said the store had a good supply of ammunition on hand Friday and he hadn’t yet seen panic buying taking place.

“I think there are some people out there trying to gouge prices on it because of what ATF is saying,” Francis said. “But I’ve not had any calls from people saying ‘I’ve gotta buy all you’ve got’.”

He said many gun owners who come into the store are talking about ATF’s proposal, fearing that this is the a first move that could lead to bans on other kinds of ammunition.”

The Obama administration also tried to ban lead ammo from all federal lands via regulation in December of last year.

The Trump administration reversed this rule soon after coming to power.